How Online Survey or Customer Feedback Helps to Improve Sales

Benefits of Customer Feedback

This process of collecting data is called Online surveys or customer feedback. After delivering the questions, those groups of people fill out the forms to answer their questions. And the response of the consumers about particular goods and services is known as Customer feedback. Feedback can be either positive or negative. These types of data … Read more

How To Do Interview Preparation For First Time? – Interview Guide

Interview Preparation Tips

Generally, interviews are conducted to have an interaction between two parties, and in the interview questions are asked to test the person’s knowledge and interpretation and to gather the required information. There are two groups of people one is called the interviewee who gives the interview and another is called the interviewer who asks the … Read more

How to Delete a Page on Google Docs From Mac & Windows

How to Delete a Page on Google Docs

Google Doc is one of the most popular and successful products of google that helps users to create document files easily and very quickly. This is the best alternative to Microsoft word. Google Doc (Document) is a cloud-based application that can be accessed from any location with the help of internet connections. Cloud-based applications are … Read more

Facebook live Chat Support 2023 – My Experience

Facebook live Chat Support 2023

Contacting Facebook support is very essential to get any help regarding Facebook page and account issues. I struggled a lot to find these solutions too. Does Facebook have live chat support? The simple answer is “Yes” I personally have experience chatting with the Facebook team due to issues on my client’s Facebook business pages. There … Read more

Introduction to Social Medias – POV Means in Social Media

Introduction to Social Medias

These days, Everyone including individual person, groups, and enterprises are allowed to develop, share, and interchange their content with a mass of audiences through a virtual stage via social media. Social media has become a powerful mode of communication for people all around the world. The way of interaction and communication among people is changed … Read more

The Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update In Dekstop & Laptop

The Windows 11 2022 Update

Windows is one of the most popular and user-friendly operating systems and is used by worldwide users. Windows OS has different versions like windows 7, windows 8, and more. The Ms Windows 11 2022 Update Recently Microsoft announced the availability of “The Windows 11 2022 Update” which is exciting news for windows 11 users. Here … Read more

How to Blur Background in Zoom Windows 10 – Mac, Linux or Android

How to Blur Background in Zoom Windows 10 - Mac, Linux or Android

As we know, a meeting is a gathering or assembly of a bunch of people for a certain purpose either discussing a specific topic or making an announcement at a particular location. At present date with the introduction of new technologies, the meaning of meeting has also been upgraded as now meeting can be done … Read more

Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services For Small Business

how ppc is important

PPC (Pay per click) is an advertisement method and strategy to drive traffic to websites or landing pages. The reason behind its name ‘Pay Per Click is that this marketing medium does not charge the amount to the promoters for positioning the advertisement but charges when their ads get views and clicks by the audiences … Read more

How to Record Screen on Windows 11, Windows 10, Mac and Linux

screen recorder softwares

The software or a tool that allows its users to record the videos from the device screen is Screen Recorder Software. In these articles, I have listed 5 screen recorder software for Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, and Linux How to Record Screen on Windows 11, Mac, and Linux Screenrec, Ezvid, iSpring Free Cam, Screencast-O-Matic, … Read more