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Craigslist is one of the websites of America (USA) that is specialized in the marketing of almost every particular like services, accommodation, employment, wanted products, missions, facilities of society, mass meetings, etc.

Especially this site, Craigslist is well known for listing the vacancy positions for different kinds of jobs and it receives more than a million new job advertisements every month. Many Freelancers, Bloggers, and Affiliate marketers are advertising on Craigslist.

They are sharing their marketing services with more than 70 countries around the world. Being an international website it offers more than 10 languages and users can choose any language to post their advertisements on Craigslist.

One can conveniently make an account on Craigslist to use the service they provide.

It is an easy site where any stories or a post are categorized by their date, venue, or subject matter and its easy interface makes it easy for its users to choose their selected topic.

Craigslist By Locations

You can access Craigslist from different locations. And some examples are below:

Craigslist Phoenix

If you are located at Phonix, You can access it from the link below for this region.

Craigslist San Diego

If you are located in San Diego, You can quickly access “San Diego” Craigslist from the link below.

Craigslist Portland

Craigslist Portland is a site, especially for advertisement and targeting an audience of portland. The below link is the quick way to access the Craigslist Portland site.

Craigslist Houston

If you are located in Houston and want to run advertisements or look for offers, You can access the Craigslist Houston site quickly from the link below.

Craigslist Denver

If you are in the Denver region and looking for advertising your service or products, You can access Craigslist Denver to promote your business. Click the link below for accessing Denver Craigslist.

Craigslist Los Angeles

Craigslist Los Angeles is especially for the Los Angeles audience, below is the quick access link for Craigslist Los Angeles.

NewYork – NY Craigslist

If you are located in New York And want to access this website to see advertisements and offers or want to promote your business, You can access NY Craigslist at the link below.

At present, Craigslist has become one of the oldest and most popular online websites where people are performing buying and selling various products and services through the medium of advertisements posted in the list of Craigslist.

Advantages of Marketing on Craigslist?

Craigslist is the one-stop online destination where users can exchange information with each other, trade commodities between them, search for meetings and events, and even can find their partner for dating and spending time with.

Coming towards the marketing of the products and services, there lie several benefits for the seller because it is a huge platform with a large number of audiences, it costs less to promote on this site, it is easy to use, it gives the ability to target the audiences, etc. So, it has become a favorite destination for businesses from large to small and web promoters. Here some of the advantages of marketing on Craigslist are described below.

Below are the advantages and features of marketing on Craigslist:

1. Free and Huge Traffic Source to Sell Products and Services

The popularity of craigslist, a marketing website is not unknown. It is the most famous online platform that is used by billions of people in search of various products and services which creates a large number of audiences and is beneficial for marketers who are willing to sell such products by marketing on craigslist.

It is found that every month this site receives more than a billion views on its page which directly makes the product visible to more people which can be helpful to generate sales with extremely less effort.

It has become a trend for people to go and sign in on the site craigslist if they want to search for anything from materialistic products and services to a partner.

Not only that, this platform with high traffic does not charge any amount of money to post the majority of the advertisements on its site. Paid marketing is also available which gives an extra boost of promotion to the marketers.

The free advertisement service of craigslist also benefits small businesses which cannot afford other alternative platforms to reach their products to customers.

2. Focus on Selling Products Locally & Internationally

Craigslist is an online website that is available in different countries and has users from different nations which makes it an international site for advertising products.

Also to sell products on craigslist users do not need a huge amount of goods. They can sell an individual product and also they can focus on selling products locally and internationally.

Some of the popular use of craigslist are from: seattle, phoenix, san diego, portland, chicago, houston, denver, NY NewYork and los angeles

This facility of the platform is advantageous for marketers because they can target the customers of certain areas on the basis of the nature of the product.

And if similar kind of products is more favored in some local regions or foreign countries then they can promote their goods and services in such places to sell more products easily and gain more profit.

3. Easy User Interface Platform For Beginners

Craigslist is the old marketing and selling platform that is preferred for its easy and user-friendly interface.

In the past, it was only available on computers and difficult to use on mobile phones but now with the development of the CPlus App (Craigslist app for mobile phones), It has become easy to launch and utilize the platform.

From creating a Craigslist account to performing the buying and selling process it is convenient and the users do not need to have the technical knowledge to use this website.

Sellers can easily upload the details of the products they are offering and classify them on the basis of the nature of the products.

Not only for sellers this website is equally easy and convenient for buyers because each and every product and service are classified in its own category.

One can effortlessly find the products by searching with the date, location, or the content and characteristics of the product.

Craigslist is not fancy as it does not have any designs, colors, themes, or pictures.

It is uncomplicated for younger to elder users and consumes less time in comparison to other sites which perform similarly.

4. No Middle Man Fee

As we know that it is a single website that is straightforward and doesn’t require any middleman to complete the buying and selling process.

Sellers can directly come in contact and connect with the consumers and complete the process of buying and selling from handling the inquiry messages of the consumers about the products, communicating and taking the orders to send the products to buyers at their place, and receiving the feedback from their buyers after getting their products.

Direct contact with the consumers prevents the need for middlemen and eliminates the cost of the seller that is to be paid to those middlemen.

This behavior not only reduces the cost of the service but also ensures the speed of the transaction of the products, brings the seller and consumers together and sellers can consume all shares of profit by themselves without sharing with middlemen.

5. Craigslist Helps to Find Employees

Craigslist is not just a website to perform buying and selling activities but it can also act as a great platform to find employees when required.

It is the site that billions of job seekers visit in search of good employment opportunities.

So, you can take that benefits and find the employees that best fit the position you are hiring. The most important is, From Craigslist, you can find local job seekers.

With this facility on Craigslist, you can relax and wait for people to apply for the job without investing your time, effort, and money hugely.

It is very simple to post vacancies on Craigslist to find the required talent where at first you need to make an account for free and make a post for a job with all the details including title, required skills, and location of the office then you can post your job.

6. Receive Email Without Displaying Your Email and Other Information Like Phone Numbers on Craigslist

One of the important advantages of Craigslist is that you can receive emails without displaying your email and other information like phone numbers, etc and you can set your confidential information private.

On the internet, hackers are seeking the opportunity to hack someone’s account details either for stealing money or for the identity of such a person.

So we need to secure our email addresses, passwords, or other related information to safeguard our account.

In Craigslist too you need an email address to make an account and a phone number to verify your account.

7. Extra Benefits to Run Paid Ads on Craigslist at a Low Cost

Above we have discussed a free ads facility available on Craigslist, but it also has some paid ads on some topics.

You can enjoy the extra benefits on Craigslist by posting paid ads for a very low cost.

Posting advertisements for the promotion of products and services can cost a huge amount of money and a lot of time in other marketing tools, But on Craigslist one can easily post an ad with minimum cost and less time and effort which can be beneficial for both small and large businesses.

The cost of posting an advertisement depends upon the area and location of the person running the ads.

Disadvantages of Craigslist?

Craigslist is a very popular tool where every marketer can get benefits and every person can find everything they have searched for.

Either it is information about certain topics, employment opportunities, commodities, or even a partner to share the feelings.

But being an online platform it has some risks for both marketers and consumers. Though Craigslist is a beneficial online tool for every person in some aspects, it also has some disadvantages with it like posting any advertisement manually takes a lot of time, it is not always free of cost to promote your products, fraud person may get an advantage by making fake posts and so on.

Some of the disadvantages of craigslists are discussed below.

1. Craigslist Has No Automation Posting Options

Being a simple and convenient tool craigslist offers its users many features to make the work easier and one of the features of Craigslist is automatic posting.

Here you have the options where you can choose to automatically upload all of your posts one at one time, a few at one time, or multiple posts at one time.

If you are willing to post advertisements on Craigslist manually you need to devote a lot of time and prepare yourself for the challenges because it is time-consuming and there are a lot of hurdles.

So instead of depending upon the machine to upload your post in different time schedules, it is better to upload by yourself every time whenever you need it.

2. Some Categories of Craigslist Are Not Free

The second disadvantage of using Craigslist is that every category of this site is not free as it charges some amount of dollars for its service.

The fee charged by Craigslist depends upon the area and the type of business.

Not only that the charge for popular cities like San Francisco and NY is higher compared to other different regions.

3. Your Post Will Automatically Deactivate After 30 Days

Another drawback of the online marketing tool Craigslist is that the post of your products and services for promotion in Craigslist will be deactivated after 30 days of the post automatically.

It means that audiences will not be able to view the advertisements of your products that are very unfavorable for the smooth running of your business.

One month’s time may not be enough for businesses to sell their products and services because a limited number of people only get to see the advertisement and decide whether to approach it or not.

In some areas, the posts last for 45 days, and after such a period they get expired and are automatically deleted.

4. Lots of Fake and Scamming Posts

The scam is everywhere on the internet these days. Yes, those are bad people.

Similarly, on Craigslist, Fraud or scammers can get benefit from it by posting fake advertisements of the products because there is no authority on this platform between consumer and seller.

It is not always true that there are no fake ads on Craigslist. Being an online website where users can post anything on Craigslist for free unlimitedly many scammers are searching for victims and opportunities either to cheat and rob them or to take their identity to perform crimes.

You need to be careful and apply safety measures before purchasing or contacting someone.

My Thoughts on Craigslist

Craigslist is the most popular and most used online site that offers the facility of posting marketing stuff related to your products and services so that everyone notices them and it will be easier for you to sell.

Posting your advertisements is easy and simple due to its user-friendly interface. Anyone can use this website for their benefit as they do not need to learn any special techniques to handle the transactions.

And the layout of this site is like a newspaper where every ad is classified under its own topic which makes it easy to find the wanted information without wasting much time.

Actually, it is a helpful tool to promote the business for any kind and size of business to earn a profit easily and in less time.

The specialty of Craigslist is that it is a free site that has a lot of audience and for high sales, you can target the ads to different locations either it is within your country or in foreign countries on the basis of trends and cultures of such areas.

With Craigslist it has become easier to connect with the world and the information about events and meetings and also you can sell your unwanted or any products to consumers.

Overall it is the outstanding, free, simple, and convenient online website that has made the life of marketers so easy, assisting them to introduce their products and services to a huge audience and perform every process of buying and selling without the need for the mediator.

This way they do not need to invest a huge portion of money on advertisement and can keep their profits with themselves without the need to share with other agents.

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