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Google Earth is the most popular product of Google that is famous for the geographical information service Earth provides.

It delivers satellite and aerial images of the earth in high quality including every detail point of the earth like street view, oceans, water, mountains, topography, historical points, temperature, landmarks, etc.

Image Source: Google Earth

One can easily find google earth on the app store that can be installed on any device whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac, laptop, or mobile phone where users are able to view every detail picture of the earth without paying money.

Even you do not have to Make Gmail access google earth. The only thing it requires to perform is the availability of an internet connection in the device. Google Earth is a handy and useful app where the location can be viewed by zooming and rotating the device with their fingertips in just a few seconds.

Google Earth is a reliable source of information on earth that has become a helpful app for everyone from individual people to huge enterprises with its convenient and beneficial features.

Features of Google Earth

Google Earth is a very convenient app that has gained popularity for the possibility of watching the earth from Google and its best features like free service for everyone, 3D images of areas, user-friendly navigation of the location, availability on any device, ability to print the map data, reliable and updated information, etc.

It is the best destination for those who want to explore the earth and know each location without visiting personally and to know the weather at certain places at certain times.

Here are the Features of Google Earth

1. View 3D Images in HD

One of the major features or advantages of google earth is that every image of the area of the earth in this app is in 3D quality which facilitates the users to view different places and towns and even buildings with details clearly.

With the high-resolution 3D earth view from Google, people now do not need to visit particular places if they want to know the location, weather, or geographical condition of certain places.

The pictures in google earth have become more realistic with the 3D view that people can view the territory and can choose the destination to chill with their friends, spend quality time with their near ones, or explore new adventurous places for adventure.

The three-dimensional outlook of the earth has not only helped the individual to select the right place for refreshment or to find the location of the desired places but also those huge businesses who want to promote their business and their services.

2. Features to Zoom Rotate and User-Friendly Navigation

Google Earth is not only a popular app but also the easiest mapping app due to its user-friendly interface. Being a user-friendly program of Google it can be used by anyone without any difficulties.

In google earth, any location can be easily navigated and the location can be viewed conveniently by zooming and rotating on the screen of your device.

If you want to view a certain place in a certain country then you can search by the name of the place in the search bar.

To zoom and view the place closed in google earth you can either double tap on the desired place or click on the option ‘Zoom in’ for a precise view and ‘Zoom out for a distant view.

And if you want to rotate the earth to view the area from different parts of the earth you can tilt your phone to the desired direction either up, down, left, or right but on the computer, you can press the Shift key with the arrow key in your keyboard as per your need.

Overall, it is uncomplicated to use Google Earth for web mapping services.

3. Google Maps is Free to Use By Personal and Business

Despite having many useful features and convenient services, google earth is a free-to-use app that doesn’t charge money for delivering location services further it is totally free to download google earth on any device with the presence of an internet connection.

Google Earth is a beneficial computer program provided by Google that can be used by both the individual person or by business organizations from big to small one though the motive to use the service by both of them are different.

Individuals can use this app to find out the weather conditions and directions of the places and to find the places for the facilities like hotels, hospitals, lodges, schools, garages, etc in their local areas or in their neighboring places.

Whereas business people can use this app to include their business on the map and develop the road view near their territory for visibility and publicity where they can show their picture of their entire business and attract potential visitors.

These tasks can be performed freely by a person or the business and professionals without investing huge amounts of money, time, and effort.

4. Available on Mobile / Android Phones

It is well known that the google earth app is a popular, useful, and convenient application that can be installed on any device whether it is an Android phone, apple product, or computer.

The only thing that is to be considered is that the device where you are getting this application must be able to connect with the internet connection.

Initially, google earth could only be used on computers but at present google earth has been upgraded and is available in android apps which has made it easier because phones can be carried to any place you go and you can use any app from anywhere.

You shouldn’t be in your home or office sitting in a chair in front of your computer to obtain the mapping service in google earth now.

5. User Can Able to Print Map Data if Needed

It is common for the mapping app to show the areas and there to its users but every app does not provide the right to download the images or print the data from the map to its users.

Where google Earth not only shows the map of the world to its users but also gives the ability to print the map data if it is required.

If you are doing some projects and require the map data then you can print them and keep them for future use with google earth. You are provided with the ability to print the data from google earth whenever you need it.

To print out the map data from google earth you need to search for the required location and go to the particular place you like and fit the exact location you want to print by zooming or rotating the map and then clicking on the print menu.

6. Google Maps are Always Up to Date

Google is an advanced and reputable company that always makes sure to deliver the up to date service to its customers for customer satisfaction and the same thing happens with google earth.

In Google Earth, Data is extracted from satellite, street photography, aerial, and other reliable sources.

The map of the earth is updated time and often to refresh the changes in the geography and location and to provide the latest picture of the earth to the users.

It always aims to give correct information and provide satisfaction to its customers helping them by updating every detail in the locations on the map.

Google Earth engine provides a clearer view of the changes made in natural resources like the loss or gain of the forest, changes in water sources, change in climatic condition, etc.

Google Earth Disadvantages

Google Earth is a very useful app that is used to explore the earth with the help of a device and an internet connection.

Google Earth is not beneficial in every aspect. All the areas of the world are not included in this app because of the restriction from those areas and some undeveloped places are inadequately displayed on the map which prevents the users from getting full information about such areas.

It has a policy to ask for various data and information from its users which has become one of the reasons people search for alternatives to google earth.

Some of the Disadvantages of Google Earth

1. Requires Internet Access

Google Earth is an online site or application which is nothing and does not function without access to an internet connection.

Downloading google earth via the play store or app store to operate on the devices requires access to an internet connection.

And even google earth is only available on those devices which can get connected to the internet. So it is impossible for those people to use google earth if they are in a place that lacks the facility of internet.

And also it is difficult for those people to get an earth view from Google from a place where the internet is slow.

Moreover, it is an app that also aims to give the location service and show directions to the person so many people like to utilize it when they are lost while traveling to new places but the requirement of internet access makes it unreasonable and impractical.

2. High Bandwidth is Needed for HD View

It has become well known that google earth requires internet access to operate and view the earth from Google but having an internet connection in your device is not enough to perform well.

It requires high bandwidth for the high transmission of data and information and for the better performance of Google Global.

As google Earth is a mapping app that delivers the 3D picture, satellite, or aerial views of the world so if the internet speed is slow then it has an impact on the quality of the images it delivers.

With low bandwidth, this app works very slowly and the quality of the images also degrades.

This can be very irritating and time-consuming if the pictures are buffering time and often and are blurry.

And the blur and vague picture of the earth cannot give the actual information that is wanted by the users.

So for better performance users have to make sure that the speed of their internet is high and the huge volume of information is transmitted in a certain amount of time.

Google Earth FAQs

Below are the frequently asked questions for google earth:

1. Are there any alternatives to google earth?

Google Earth app is a very trustable and popular app for watching the geography of the earth and finding the location and weather of different places.

There are some best alternatives that are developed that function similarly to google earth like NASA World Wind, Zoom, etc.

Similarly, Zoom earth is another alternative that extracts its data from reliable sources and offers a view of the earth in top quality, actual earth insight, correct information on weather and storm, etc.

The next alternative app is Marble which is an app that not only shows the 3D view of the earth but also the landscape of the earth, temperature, and street views of the places.

2. Is google earth completely free?

Yes, google earth is completely free to use. It is an application that offers services without charging an amount and all it requires is access to an internet connection.

Google Earth can be downloaded on any device like mobile phones, Linux, Windows, Mac, or laptop easily from the app store without paying money, and also it is free to utilize its service of earth view from Google.

Not only that you can have an Earth view from Google by browsing the official site of google earth in google chrome where you do not have to download the app on your device and it is totally free of cost to browse in your web browsers too.

Conclusion of Google Earth

At present due to the advancement and introduction of new technology, it has played a great role in our lives by making different wonders possible.

For instance, the ability to view the whole globe by sitting in one corner of the room with the help of a device and we can get information on any topic by searching on the internet.

Google Earth is one of the fascinating tools that enables anyone to view the earth in 3D in the presence of an internet connection.

We are able to explore any place on the earth rotating around the globe. Not only that it allows us to go into each street of the place with its street view feature and can view the buildings, historical places, landmarks, etc very clearly like you’re personally roaming the particular street.

You can zoom the places on the earth to view the area more precisely and rotate the places to go into another different area.

Google Earth app can be used by anyone with its user-friendly behavior. One can easily find the desired place they want to watch because they can search with the name of the places on the search bar that is available in the app.

Generally, this app is useful for anyone from business organizations to normal citizens. It helps everyone in their own way for normal citizens this app can work as a tour guide when they want to visit new places by showing directions towards any places whereas for businesses this app can work as a marketing tool where they enter their organization on a map and make the public aware about their business.

Moreover, this app gives information related to temperature and weather which is very helpful for everyone.

Also, google earth can work on every device and it is not necessary to download google earth because it is available on the browser with its online official site.

It is the geographical service of Google which is totally free to use and the information is always updated with new facts and changes.

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