How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

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Etsy is the online platform and market which includes international products that are qualitative, extra, and inventive. Product designers and retailers can easily open a shop on Etsy and start selling products online.

The major focusing products of this marketplace are unique pieces, man-made goods, art and crafts, vintage valuables, and so on.

Due to modernization, it is difficult to find antique pieces, art, and handicraft items in any shop but Etsy has become the source of such items and one can purchase traditional products.

Etsy is the one-stop destination for such people who love extra and distinctive pieces and also the one who is looking for assistance to convert their imagination into reality.

Want to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy?

Selling digital downloads are most popular and profitable selling on Etsy. You can sell different digital products such as website templates, CV templates, Graphic Design templates, Invitation cards, eBooks, and more.

Some of the benefits of selling digital downloads on Etsy are as follows:

  • No physical products are involved, Hence you do not have to worry about the shipping cost and broken headache.
  • Don’t need to worry about stock and inventory management.
  • Etsy digital downloads can be sold internationally and quickly.

Ideas of Digital Downloads Selling on Etsy

Here are the list and ideas for selling different digital downloads on Etsy

  • Diet Cookbooks
  • Recipes
  • Travel Guides
  • Music and arts
  • Logo design templates
  • WordPress website templates
  • Wix website templates
  • Shopify website templates
  • Flyers design
  • Book cover design
  • Business cards
  • Mockups
  • Clipart
  • Fonts
  • Laptop wallpapers
  • Sound effects
  • Text effects
  • YouTube banners
  • Facebook and social media banners
  • Cover letters
  • Resume and CV templates
  • Excel Spreadsheet templates
  • Portfolio templates
  • Paintings

How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

Selling Digital Downloads – In Etsy

Here are the quick ways to sell digital downloads on Etsy:

1. Create a Design Concept

As I mentioned above, Digital downloadable products can be website templates, Logo templates, Flyers cards, Business cards, and more. The most important is creating a stunning design.

Research the market for similar digital products that you want to sell on Etsy. Get some ideas of other products’ title, descriptions and sales report that they are making from their digital products.

2. Choose the Proper Software

After you decided to sell your digital download products, It is very important to create outstanding and awesome designs for your products. You can different tools like Canva for designing digital products to sell on Etsy.

3. Include a Bonus

Why do people buy your products? Ask questions yourself. If you search for any products on Etsy, Most of them are already available with good rations. If you are new and selling digital download products, Include a bonus. For example, Sell website templates with business card designs for free. This way you will get more attractions from the customers.

4. Optimize Etsy Listing

Do not list digital download products on Etsy simply. Try to research the keywords from google trends, that people are searching for. Use different related keywords and search terms in product descriptions and make the product title catchy.

Create a proper size of your product thumbnails and more attractive.

5. Market your Digital products on Etsy

Try to promote your digital downloads on Etsy by advertising. Even you can advertise with a small amount. Once you started getting a few sales, customer feedback and reviews will help to grow sales in the future.

There are many benefits and features for selling products on Etsy for online sellers some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of Etsy For Online Sellers

Convenient to start the shop, an Inexpensive listing, a User-friendly platform, and options for connecting different payment options are the few benefits of Etsy for online sellers.

From Etsy, platform sellers can sell both digital and physical products. Here are some of the benefits of selling physical and digital downloadable products on Etsy for online retailers or sellers.

1. Convenient to Start and Carry On

One of the main reasons Etsy is the best for online sellers is that it is very convenient to start, open and carry on the business. can be opened for free in just a couple of minutes. And to carry on the shop on Etsy leads the way on each step.

For any questions and difficulties regarding tax, carriage, financial affairs, and statutory information, Etsy offers a handbook.

Not only that to ensure the success and prosperity of the business it guides and gives suggestions on various matters like SEO optimization, maximized efficiency, hints, and tricks according to seasons, development of strategies, and so on.

2. Inexpensive

The next point is the inexpensive service of Etsy. As any additional costs are not charged to the businesses while selling their products in certain plans. You will be charged only $ 0.20 USD for listing products on Etsy. Check more fees and prices from here.

It does not impose the cost for the monthly subscription if you don’t want the upgrades and Etsy only charges the amount for registering the goods and performing the transactions. And it depends upon your desire whether you want to advertise your shop by paying some additional price.

3. Analysis Statement is Available

Etsy provides analysis statement sellers because the business decisions that are made on the basis of the study of data and statements of the business are always better and more effective.

All data and details regarding the outlet, bookings, visits to the store, profit, likely customers, Etc are visible in the dashboard of the Etsy account.

The mathematical situations of business can be discovered with the help of Etsy. Also, it retains a search analytics approach that assists in finding out the major factor that maximizes the sales of the organization.

4. Mass Visitors to the Site

Another reason for Etsy to become a powerful tool for online sellers is the mass visitors it has.

Millions of audiences are regular visitors and purchase any handicraft or classical items from this store.

So it can be advantageous for new sellers who are willing to sell their products on a site that already has huge audiences who have an interest in the same kind of products that they offer.

Due to the huge number of permanent visitors to Etsy online sellers are able to gain huge traffic on their site which definitely results in the sales of goods and profit.

5. Online Payment Methods

A payment gateway is most important for accepting online payments. Online sellers on Etsy can able to connect different payment methods such as cards, PayPal, Etsy gift cards, Klarna, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. It is most important to accept online payments. It allows the customer to choose multiple payment options for purchasing products online from Etsy.

6. Easy Publicity

Last but not least Etsy is a convincing site for online vendors due to the easy publicity of the vendor’s products with the assistance of the Etsy brand.

Etsy is so popular among millions of users that the new business should not be bothered by the publicity of their business while commencing their business on Etsy.

Vendors can perform the promotional activities of their business in accordance with their desire and with the chances provided by Etsy at a low cost.

You can easily lead the way of the visitors of Etsy to your store. With the usage of a good rank Etsy on Google, you are also able to gain adequate SEO.

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