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Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. Instagram is popular due to lots of friends, Family, and businesses have created accounts due to their reels, Photo, and video-sharing features.

Students to professionals and small businesses to large corporations are connected in the Instagram platform.

The photo post has very good quality with highly professional graphic styles and this is the reason lots of celebrities are also engaged on Instagram.

Instagram also allows video-sharing options where you can post a video which is called Reels.

Sometimes you may want to download your video from Instagram offline. Instagram directly does not allow a user to download the video, This feature is not available yet. But there are alternatives.

There are many tools that help to download Instagram videos and convert Instagram videos into Mp4 or Mp3 Files. Below are the steps.

Convert Instagram Video to Mp4

Here are the methods to Convert Instagram Video to Mp4 easily:

Converting Instagram Video to Mp4

  1. Go to Instagram

    Go to your Instagram page or profile from where you want to convert your Instagram video into Mp4.

  2. Copy the Video Url

    Click the video on your Instagram and copy the Url of the video that you want to change to Mp4.
    Convert Instagram Video to Mp4

  3. Go to Instagram Downloader

    One of my favorite Instagram videos on the Mp4 and Mp3 converter is Go to these tools.

  4. Paste The Url

    Now “paste” Instagram video Url on this box and click “Download“.
    instagram video converter

Convert Instagram Video to Mp4 – FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for Instagram to Mp4 converter.

Is Converting Instagram Video to Mp4 Free?

Yes, Most of the tools are free and the converter I have shown above is also free.

Can I Download Anyone Instagram Video?

No, Never use, Download, or convert others’ videos, Until and unless you have permission to use them from the video creator.

Why Instagram Video to Mp4 is Developed?

The main reason is If you mistakenly lose your video from your devices and if it is on Instagram, You may need to save it again on devices in the future again. In that situation, these tools help you a lot.


In short, the article talks about how Instagram is popular for sharing photos and videos. People of all kinds, from students to professionals and small businesses to big companies, use it.

Instagram looks good with nice graphics, but it doesn’t let you download videos directly. So, the article suggests using online tools, like, to convert Instagram videos to MP4 or MP3 files.

To do this, you go to your Instagram profile, copy the video link, and use a tool like to convert it.

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