How to Connect Apple Magic Mouse to a Mac

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Mac is very popular and it’s a worldwide favorite of many users. Mac is the product of Apple company where which is very secure and trustable.

Magic Mouse is a very smooth, easy hardware device that you can connect to your Mac laptop with a wire connector.

This is useful for bloggers, students, professionals, and all users.

In this article, we will discuss how you can connect a magic mouse to Mac.

How to Connect Apple Magic Mouse to a Mac

The height of the magic mouse is 0.85 inches which is (2.16 cm), The width of the magic mouse is 2.25 inches which are (5.71 cm) and The weight of the magic mouse is 0.22 pounds which is (0.099 kg).

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Here is the way how you can Connect Magic Mouse to Mac:

Connect Magic Mouse to Mac

  1. Unpack The Cover

    If you have purchased a Magic mouse, Unpack the cover properly.

  2. Switch on

    On the back side of Magic Mouse, You will see the “Power button”. Switch on the power button of your magic mouse, Until you see the green light.
    magic mouse power button

  3. Connect Cable

    Now “connect your cable to your Mac and Mouse“, If you do not have cable, You can use the same iPhone cable to connect your magic mouse.
    The connector is found on the backside of your magic mouse, Below the power button.
    magic mouse connector cable

  4. Pair Mouse with Mac

    Now wait for 5 or 10 seconds, And your magic mouse will pair with Mac automatically. You do not have to change any settings.
    You will have a small Icon that says connected.
    Similarly, you can unplug your cable to disconnect your mouse and power it off.

FAQ of Magic Mouse

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers related to Magic Mouse.

1. What is the Weight of a Magic Mouse?

Height is 0.85 inches, weight is 2.25 inches and weight is 0.22 pounds.

2. How do I order Magic Mouse to the USA?

You can check magic mouse seller on Amazon or the best place for ordering, I recommend Apple’s official website from this link.

3. What is the requirement of a magic mouse?

You need to have a Bluetooth-enabled Mac laptop and for Ipad, it should be 13.4 or a later version.


In conclusion, the Mac is a highly popular and widely loved computer used by people all around the world. It is made by Apple, a company known for creating secure and reliable products.

One such accessory for Mac is the Magic Mouse, a smooth and easy-to-use hardware device that can be connected to your Mac laptop using a wire connector. This feature is beneficial for bloggers, students, professionals, and all types of users.

To connect the Magic Mouse to your Mac, you simply need to unpack the cover, switch on the power button located on the back of the mouse until the green light appears, and then connect the cable to your Mac and the mouse.

After waiting for a few seconds, the Magic Mouse will automatically pair with your Mac, and you’ll see a small icon indicating that it’s connected. To disconnect, you can unplug the cable.

The Magic Mouse has specific dimensions: a height of 0.85 inches (2.16 cm), a width of 2.25 inches (5.71 cm), and a weight of 0.22 pounds (0.099 kg).

If you’re looking to purchase the Magic Mouse, the recommended places include Amazon or Apple’s official website.

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