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Note: The post is only for informational purposes, It is not legal advice)

Privacy policies are the documents and text in the websites or mobile applications that owners disclose how visitors’ or customers’ information and data are collected, protected, and used.

There are lots of tools and software to make privacy policies, disclaimers, disclosure, terms, and conditions, and cookie policy.

There are numerous tools that are developed to create an online privacy policy easily because it is not simple to produce the best privacy policy for everyone.

What are Privacy Policy Maker Tools

Privacy policymaker tools are the software that is used to quickly generate documents for anyone for their website and mobile apps.

Niche bloggers and new businesses that do not have complete knowledge of these policies will benefit from these kinds of tools by simply filling in the information in the black area. It will save time and budget for website owners too.

Best Privacy Policy Maker Tools

Here are the best price policy-maker tools.

1. WebsitePolicies

WebsitePolicies also lies in the list of best privacy policy generators because it is helpful to develop policy pages for both websites and mobile apps and is regularly updated.

This tool is very easy to create a policy page initially and afterward, it takes some time to create but it is worth the investment.

For the safety and security of the business, WebsitePolicies provides different documents like terms and conditions, disclaimer, cookies policy, refund policy, etc.

WebsitePolicies is the unique policy formulator that does not exercise the common or collective templates.

Website policies” also host these documents within their platform to avoid technical issues.


Next is which lets you create a policy page for websites, mobile apps, or e-business.

This tool offers free and premium document services. “PrivacyPolicies” lets you create cookies, a privacy policy, a disclaimer, a refund agreement, and so on.

Some of the features of are:

  • They provide a free and paid hosted privacy policy for websites.
  • Once you create a privacy policy, you can use it as an HTML document, or download it in a word file or a .txt file.
  •  They provide clauses for payment processors, ads, analytics tools, etc.
  • They provide clauses for GDPR (Data Controllers), CCPA, and CalOPPA too.

3. GetTerms

Another best privacy policy generator is GetTerms which is applicable for mobile applications, webshops, or websites that contain well-groomed programs and strategies for the quick development of privacy policy pages.

With these tools, You can create a privacy policy page for your business conveniently and in less time.

For the creation of those pages, you have to register business information like company name, policy date, the referrer of the website, etc.

GetTerms offers two different types of plans whereas one for free and the other costs some amount of money.

The basic plan is Free, the Standard plan costs $25, and the Comprehensive costs $49 (GDPR & CCPA ready included).

Also, they have a “Bulk product offer at $49” where you get all policies that are:

(Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy)

It fully depends upon the need and wants of the business to make choices on plans.

4. TermsFeed

The privacy policy generating tool that can build privacy policy pages, refund policies, terms and conditions of business, cookies plans, and many more is TermsFeed.

Termsfeed is a handy and convenient tool that is mostly employed by e-trading stores, web applications, and social media pages like Facebook, etc.

You can check customer reviews and feedback on their official page which seems a more trustful policymaker tool.

In the process of creating a privacy policy, Like other tools, you have to provide information like website name, location, category of business, etc.

5. Shopify Privacy Policy

Shopify is one of the most popular and best tools for e-commerce stores.

For customers and businesses of Shopify, they provide free privacy maker tools that can be used on the Shopify store.

Including privacy policy, they provide a Refund Policy and Terms of Service policy too.

These templates can also be easily modified or customized by store owners without a lot of knowledge.

This tool is user-friendly and practical which lets you generate policy pages without consuming much time.

You need to disclose the details while creating policy pages like name, location of the company, mailing address, etc and you will receive the final page in your mailbox.

6. WP Auto Terms

Wp Auto Terms are the popular privacy policymaker, especially for WordPress users and it is supported on all WordPress themes.

They provide plugins that can be installed on a WordPress website that is user-friendly and used in a few clicks.

From these tools, you can create all major documents like Privacy Policy, GDPR ready Privacy Policy, CCPA ready Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Your Own Legal Page.

Another cool feature of this tool is users can able to use Compliance Kits which helps to show updates of legal pages, cookie notices, endorsements, and links to legal pages.

WP auto terms have free and paid plans where that give discounts for many websites.

for a single WordPress website, the cost is  $39 and if you have more than 20 websites and purchase in bulk, It will cost $19 per website.

Which can be budget-friendly for website agencies that are working for their clients.

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