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Yoast is the tool that assists its users to enhance website SEO through courses and plugins. Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that can be installed and activated in WordPress in a few clicks.

It makes the site SEO-friendly whether it’s a personal blog or a professional website.

It has both free and premium versions where for simple optimization of the site one can use the free version and for the professional improvement of SEO, one can choose a premium version paying some amount.

Yoast is a very important Plugin for new users to know and learn all about “how SEO works.”

Features of the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast helps to improve the SEO of your WordPress website as well as here are different features and benefits of using Yoast SEO plugins:

1. Title and Description Customization

As the title and description of a site are the first catchy thing to attract visitors.

The title is also the most important factor for a search engine to rank and make it visible in the search engine.

You must have a readable and shorter title.

If you think naturally, a short title with a specific meaning converts more clicks and traffic rather than a long and messy title

You can easily customize and modify the title and description of the website to list them in the search engine list.

It allows adding details about the content of the site as per user need.

Similarly, Users can optimize Meta titles, Descriptions, and Slug easily which is also an important factor of SEO.

2. SEO Readability

Yoast SEO plugin has an understanding of the operation of the search engine and how it works so that it will be easy for the users to know about the indicators that help them to understand what is best for achieving the highest results in SEO ranking.

It assists you to know if any subject of the site is missing in the key positions such as title, description, or URL.

Yoast also guides users to enter the correct word, Image tags, title, and structure of the content as well as the length of the paragraph.

At last, it shows the color green if the readability score is good. If red there is something the blogger needs to fix in their article.

3. XML Sitemap

A search engine must know the location to find the posts and pages of the website to understand the content and information.

There is where a site map is required. A sitemap is a text file in XML that provides the list of all the pages and posts that exist on your websites.

So for this WordPress needs Yoast SEO that generates the outline text file for you and you have to submit your website to a few search engines.

You can also change the settings of XML in your WordPress dashboard.

Here is an example of my blog sitemap.

4. Social Assistance and Content Analysis

Yoast SEO provides the ability to develop adjusted content while sharing it with social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It has the potential to acquire different contents such as descriptions, titles, and images for social media sites to use.

Features of Yoast SEO plugins

As seen in the above image, Yoast also helps to analyze the length of the keyphrase, Length of meta descriptions, Image keyphrase, outbound links, Internal links, Text length, and more.

This makes it users very easy to follow all rules to make their content SEO and user-friendly.

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