4 Easy Ways to Uninstall Programs in Windows

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MS Windows is a graphical processing system that is evolved, Broadcasted, and advertised by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows was first brought into existence by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Generally, MS Windows is also known as Windows or just Win.

It delivers GUI(Graphical User Interface), the ability to administer virtual memory, gives assistance for different supplementary devices, multitasking features, and so on.

In Windows one can easily perform various activities like watching videos, playing games, storing files and documents as well as streaming another program in the presence of an internet connection.

Windows has various versions with different new features apart from the core features and the current version of it is Windows 10.

Altogether Windows is the soul of your computer that allows you to accomplish your every day to day activities which means performing any task like listening to music, watching and editing photos and videos, sending and receiving emails, looking through the internet, etc in your computer you need the assistance of Windows.

Windows is a powerful operating system (OS) for anyone whether it is an individual person or it is by an enterprise.

One can conveniently hide, transfer, adjust, or maximize MS Windows as per their requirement.

This program has its own benefits besides being a user-friendly interface like the ability to use the older programs even in new versions, a large range of options for software, support Plug and Play operations, etc.

These are the functions and descriptions of MS Windows but let’s get to the point and discuss the procedures for uninstalling any programs on MS Windows.

Easy Ways to Uninstall Programs in Windows

Below is the best way to Uninstall Any Program on Microsoft Windows 7, 10:

  1. Click Start

    In the very below left, You will see the “Start” menu, Click there.

  2. Search Control Panel

    Now, You will see the “search bar“. Search “Control Panel” from the search box.
    control panel

  3. Click Control Panel

    Click “control panel” when you see after you search, And Click “Uninstall a program” as shown in the image below.
    uninstall program

  4. Double Click The Software

    Now, “Double click your left mouse click the button”, To uninstall any program or software from your Windows 7 or 10. And complete the uninstallation process as shown in the image below.
    uninstall programs on windows 7 and 10

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