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Gmail is a Google product that gives online services to email without any cost. It is a convenient and safe email service provider. In the Gmail app, one can easily search for the desired messages with the Gmail account, and is also provided with storage of 15GB Gigabyte Free to save emails and data.

Not only that Gmail is such a program that spontaneously manages every related message in one chain. You can share anything on Gmail whether it is a message, files, documents, pictures, or videos.

And if the files you are intending to share are large in size then you can insert them from Google Drive in the mail.

Gmail is similar to any other mailing app as it also lets to share and receive emails, develop an address book, block spam, etc but it also has some remarkable features like involuntary filtration of spam and junk emails, changing themes, arranging mail on the basis of their topic or a person into one conversation, integrated chats and calling if your device has a camera and microphone, and so on.

But it is compulsory to create a Google account to get access to such features as it only provides its mailing services to its certified users.

It is free of cost and not difficult to make a Google account where you just need to give your details like name, phone number, etc, and choose the desired email address with which you can get in touch with others. Moreover, you are able to get access to other apps like YouTube, google docs, etc.

How to Change Your Gmail Background

Below is a step-by-step guide for changing the Gmail theme.

Change Gmail Themes

  1. Login Gmail

    Login to by entering your email and password and opening the dashboard.

  2. Go to Theme Setting

    In the top right of your Gmail dashboard, You will see the Gear/setting icon. Click settings and click all themes (View All). As shown in the image below.
    changing gmail themes

  3. Pick Themes

    Now you will see, Popup will appear where you can select any themes that you like. >Select themes and click >save.

    If you want any of your images as a theme, You can upload it manually too.
    free gmail themes

Final Thought

In conclusion, changing the background theme in Gmail is a simple and free process. Gmail, a free email service by Google, provides users with a convenient and secure platform to manage their emails and data.

With 15GB of free storage, users can easily search for messages, share files, documents, pictures, and videos.

Gmail stands out with features such as automatic spam filtration, theme customization, conversation organization, and integrated chats and calls.

To change the Gmail background theme, users can follow easy steps: log in to their Gmail account, access the settings by clicking the gear icon, choose “Themes,” select a theme from the options, and save their preference.

Users can even use their own images as a theme. Creating a Google account is necessary to enjoy these features, and the process is straightforward, requiring basic details like name and phone number.

Overall, Gmail offers a user-friendly experience with useful features and customization options.

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