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Dollar to Rupee Converter

The dollar (USD) is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. And Rupee is the currency of India. If you are trying to purchase products or services in USD from India or If you want to transfer money to family or friends, You need to check the value of the currency on the latest date.

Converting Dollar to Rupee

Here are the simple quick steps for converting Dollar to Rupee currency.

1. Go to Website

Xe is the trusted currency authority site. Open their website

You will see a converter tab from which you can convert Dollars to Rupees.

Dollar to Rupee

2. Enter the Amount to convert – Dollar to Rupee

Enter the amount you want to convert. For example, I Entered 100 USD Here. Once you entered USD click to convert button.

Finally, you will see the converted value of USD to INR. The Dollar to Rupee rates is different each day. The above information’s only for educational purposes.

More Websites for Converting Dollar to Rupee

Here is a more list of websites where you can convert Dollars to Rupees.


This is another good website for converting Dollars to Rupee and other different currencies online. The website interface is very easy and user-friendly. You can view this site from a mobile as well as from a tablet.

2. Book My Forex

Book My Forex is the World’s Largest Online Foreign Exchange Marketplace. They provide different currency converter tools. You can try converting Dollars to Rupees from this website as well.

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