What is Olentangy Schools?

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Olentangy Schools aims to help every student learn as much as possible. This goal guides all the actions and choices made by the school.

The school cares about the overall well-being of each student and wants to create graduates who are aware of the world and can succeed in life.

The Olentangy Local School District covers an area of 95 square miles. It’s mostly in Delaware County, but a small part is in Franklin County.

The district includes parts of different places like Orange Township, Berkshire Township, Berlin Township, Concord Township, Genoa Township, Liberty Township, Delaware Township, the City of Delaware, the City of Columbus, the City of Westerville, and the City of Powell.

Departments of Olentangy

-Business Management and Facilities
-Curriculum and Instruction
-Data and Continuous Improvement
-Food Service(opens in new window/tab)
-Human Resources
-New Student Welcome Center
-Pupil Services
-Student Well-Being

Where Can I See Volunteer Information?

You can access information about volunteering through this link.

What is MYOLSD

MyOLSD (My Olentangy Schools Digital Environment) is a helpful tool for students. It lets you log in once and get access to different educational apps and resources. You can see your grades, assignments, schedules, and other school information. It’s like having all your school stuff in one place!

Ways to log in to Chromebook

Trouble logging into your Chromebook? Follow these steps:

  1. Click “Sign in with a different account.”
  2. Enter your full email address (e.g., 21jsmith@olsd.us).
  3. Use your usual myOLSD password when prompted.
  4. A web browser window will open. From there, you can open another tab and go to other resources like Schoology and PowerSchool.

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