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Best Color Combinations for Your Website – Color Ideas

It is important to design the website using the right colors and combinations to represent your brand and make the website look appealing to the users.

Here are 14 color combinations that you can use for your website to make it look more attractive to the users.

1. Black and white

Black and white are the minimalistic colors from the color found. It helps you to get a modern look on your website and represent your brand within the website.

Use monochromatic black and white colors to the background on your site or by shifting color to white and content color to black or vice versa.

2. Dark green and yellow

Dark green and yellow are earthy tones, suitable for websites that are trying to portray a brand related to nature or the environment.

Both colors help to bring out your website as relaxing and are often associated with nature and make the website look relaxing.

3. Shades of blue and white

Blue is usually the color of stability and reliability, using it with a white gradient as a background can help your website look appealing and calm.

4. Black and gold

Gold is usually considered as the color of luxury, these color combination helps your website to look luxurious and sophisticated.

They are used in high-end fashion, jewelry, and luxury brand websites.

5. Green and white

Considered the color of nature, green can be associated with health and is used to reflect organic products and wellness.

When used with white, it helps to make your website look clean and uncluttered.

6. Yellow and black

Yellow is a cheerful color and helps to grab the attention of the users.

This color, combined with black, gives a beautiful contrast and can create a striking, bold appearance to the website.

7. Purple and white

Purple and white, when combined, convey a sense of elegance it can also symbolize creativity and reflate luxury.

8. Brown and beige

These colors are from the earthy tone palate of the coolors wheel. Brown and beige, when used together can convey warmth and reliability and can be used in brands like foods, homes, industry, and decors.

9. Turquoise and coral

These colors complement each other and combine to brighten the website.

These vibrant colors, grab the attention of young users as they look energetic when used together.

10. Pastel coloors

Pastel colors are the colors from the soft palate of the color wheel. It includes colors like mint green, baby blue, and blush pink, and is often used to reflect gentleness and to make a website look aesthetically pleasing.

11. Pink and white

Pink color is often associated with sweetness and a sense of femininity.

It is commonly used by beauty brands, fashion, and lifestyle websites, to target females as their audience.

12. Orange and blue

Orange and blue are not usually paired together to build a website, however, they reflect uniqueness and add depth to the website.

Usually associated with happiness and enthusiasm, Orange can encourage visitors to feel relaxed and is used on websites that promote traveling and holidays.

13. Bright red and white

Bright red and white are contrasting colors, helping a website to appear more striking.

14. Rainbow color

The combination of different colors to your website can make it look approachable.

The rainbow color is usually associated with pride events or LGBTQ+ society.

However, it is also widely used in brands that represent children’s creativity as it helps the website look vibrant and inclusive.

Some of the examples of Good Hex Color


A vivid pink, bright and cheerful like flowers in a garden.


A brownish-gray color, reminiscent of the hue of sand on a beach.


A light pink shade, sweet and reminiscent of bubblegum.


A soft and pale green, gentle like the color of almonds.


A warm pink resembling the hue of salmon brings a cozy feeling.


A light pink similar to the shade of ballet slippers, soft and delicate.


A bright turquoise color, as vibrant and refreshing as the ocean.


A gentle pink reminiscent of the hues seen during a serene sunset.

f7bfd3 pink:

A soft pink resembling the color of delicate flowers.


A pale lavender-pink, light and soothing.

fadceb: A light and sweet color, like the softness of cotton candy.

b00b1e: A deep red shade, rich and intense like ripe cherries.

#189bcc: A vibrant blue, bright and clear like the sky on a sunny day.

20e3bc color: A beautiful turquoise hue, reminiscent of clear tropical waters.

5278cc: A calm and cool color, similar to the steel-blue shade of a serene sea.

#ff94a4: A tender pink, soft and romantic like the petals of a rose.

faface: A misty rose color, soft and gentle in its appearance.

#f7cfc3: A gentle green hue, reminiscent of the color of almonds.

ffb6c1 color: A soft coral-pink shade, bringing a warm and soothing vibe.

#ff826b: A pastel red, inviting and warm, like the glow of a comforting fire.

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