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Divi is a WordPress theme that works as a complete design framework and allows you to customize and design your website from the basics to the top.

Here are ten features of Divi.

Below are the nine features of Divi theme.

1. Drag and drop builder

You can drag and drop elements onto your canvas with the help of Drag and Drop Builder. It allows you to create complex page layouts simply by dragging and dropping the elements, making it easier to design a costume with fees without coding.

2. Real-time editing

Divi offers you a virtual and real-time editing experience so you can make changes to your website, helping to streamline the design process.

3. Responsive design

Divi makes the website responsive so it can function and look good on all devices, including desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and screen sizes.

4. Premade layouts

It offers layouts in the form of a library, which you can choose from for your website recording to your brand idea. You can import them by simply clicking and customizing them to suit your needs.

5. Custom CSS control

CSS is a coding language that advanced users can add to customize their websites, it helps developers fine-tune the design and play with the appearance of their website.

6. Global elements

You can set modules, rows, and functions as global elements, this will allow you to update a design element once and these updates will be applied across all the pages throughout your site.

7. Animation effects

Divi has a range of animations that can be applied to the elements on your website. It will create engagement and interactive content, which ultimately helps you to retain followers and clients.

8. Customization

Divii has many customization options that web developers can choose from. You can customize the topography, space, and color settings and add custom CSS and JavaScript according to your preference for your website.

9. E-commerce integration

Divi makes building online stores easier, as it is compatible with e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce.

9. Built-in split testing

Divi includes a feature that allows you to compare different versions of content you created, making it easier to determine and compare all of them easily by split testing between the websites.

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