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Hostinger is a web hosting company that is widely known for its hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

It provides a wide array of templates to assist you in starting your very own website and customizing it to your needs with the help of its AI integration and marketing tools.

Here are some of the features of hosting.

Below are the 10 features of Hostinger AI Website Builder

1. Shared hosting plans

Hostinger is an affordable website builder that has a variety of packages with a wide price range.

It also provides free domain registration or domain transfer with some of its plans along with a free SSL certificate to enhance the security of your website.

2. VPS hosting plans

Hostinger also provides dedicated resources on Virtual private services for more power and better stability in comparison to shared hosting and with full root access for maximum control and customization over the server environment that accommodates your resource needs.

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is mainly known for its scalability and the fact that it allows users to adjust resources based on their website’s needs.

Hostinger often uses SSD-based storage which constantly contributes to an improved website performance by backing up your website and snap shorts to protect your data by providing recovery options in case of error or data loss.

4. Website Builder

The drag-and-drop website builders help to simplify the website building process by eliminating the need for high knowledge coding. The templates provided in hostinger’s website typically include templates that helps users to professionally design layouts and fit the designs into their respective website.

5. Costume Control Panel

Hostinger’s customer control panel is user-friendly and allows you to manage different aspects of your hosting account efficiently by providing tools to manage domain files database and all the hosting-related settings.

6. Security Features

Hostinger provides free SSL certificates to boost your website’s credibility and positively impact your website in search engine ranking.

Distributed denial of services, provided by Hostinger safeguards your website from malicious attempts, and the regular backups provide data protection and restoration in case of unexpected data loss issues.

7. One-click Installation

The click installation feature helps to simplify the process of setting up popular applications like content management systems from forums and e-commerce platforms making it faster for client to do their work.

8. Global Data Center

Hostinger data center is located in different regions which helps them enhance website performance by ensuring fast loading time and reducing latency for visitors globally.

9. Customer support

Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support to help you whenever you require assistance with the help of live chat and a ticketing system. It also provides self-help tutorials making it easier for you to find answers to common questions and issues.

10. Money-back Guarantee

 Hostinger provides a money-back guarantee and risk-free trial offer to allow you to look into the hosting service, clients can easily get refunded within a specific time frame if not satisfied with them.


It is always necessary that you do your research and review the specific details of the hosting plan that interests you so that you can have the features that you want and build your website accordingly for that you can refer to Hostingers official documents.

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