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One of my readers asked which tools I am using to build my blog and for my Freelancing business, And I thought sharing these tools helps my readers a lot.

Researching the best tools takes lots of testing effort, and time, and may not be easier for all.

There are hundreds of tools and products available in the market and they have their own features, costs, and terms. It all depends on your business size, user interface, and more. 

Here are the paid and free tools I use in this blog “SamWebDesigner” and for my freelancing web projects.

These tools are based on my own favorite pick and real testing. This may be helpful for you too.

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Best Blogging Tools Reviews

Here are the best, Free & Paid Best Blogging Tools That I Use on My Blog and Freelancing Business.

1. WordPress – Free

Free CMS for Content Management System

There is no doubt WordPress is the world’s most popular and one of our favorite Open source content management systems. You can use lots of plugins that make WordPress more user-friendly.

I personally love WordPress due to its Flexibility features, responsive templates available in this CMS, and free ever. I use WordPress to run my blog “SamWebDesigner” and for my clients too.

2. Divi Theme – Paid

Divi is a popular and powerful theme with Elegant themes.

First I decided to create my own WordPress theme by hiring programmers. But again I realize that there are still many popular themes available in the market.

A group of developers and programmers are working day and night to improve their product features and provide support for premium users.

My first thought before choosing DIVI theme

If you have some companies that are providing free theme support and working for you professionally very hard, Then there is nothing better than purchasing a legit theme that has been reviewed, rated, and loved by thousands of WordPress users.

3. Divi Builder Plugin – Free for Divi Paid Members

Easy and powerful WordPress page builder plugins

Divi Builder is a WordPress page builder that enables every feature while creating posts and pages in WordPress.

Earlier I used to design with king composer and Elementor which are good too.

But when I decided to use the Divi theme, they provide Divi builder on the same package and cost. I use to build with Divi Builder for my client’s website.

And it is true if the same theme companies provide page builders, It is worth using.

4. Divi Bloom (Free for Divi Paid Members)

Email Opt-in Plugins

When I realize the importance of the newsletter, I found there should be some “email capture form” that I need to create to capture visitors’ emails for sending weekly updates.

And Divi gives an email opt-in plugin called Bloom from where you can connect email services software like MailChimp and Sendinblue and design custom forms using this plugin to collect visitors’ email information for sending the newsletter.

5. Monarch (Free for Divi Paid Members)

Social Sharing Buttons for Pages and Post

There are also free plugins for all Divi premium users that help to make sharable content on different social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

6. A3 Lazy Load Plugins – Free

Image Loader Plugins for Faster Speed

This helps to load images only while scrolling and gives users a good interface.

These plugins also help to make some improvements in website speed because the image loads only while scrolling.

7. Easy Table of Contents – Free

WordPress Responsive Table of Content Creator Tools for Page & Post

You can customize these plugins to create a table of contents on every post or page.

Once you customized and save it, It will automatically create a stunning and mobile-friendly table of content on all your post.

You have features to choose which heading (H1 to H6) to display and which not.

8. Q2W3 Fixed Widget – Free

Make any elements sticky or fixed in WordPress while scrolling

I mainly use this plugin for my blog post’s right sidebar.

If you put advertisements, content, or anything in the sidebar those will be sticky/pinned on the screen.

Using these plugins, increase more chances of growing the “CTR” click-through rate on any website or blog.

I generally display my email form to grow subscribers with these plugins.

9. Reading Progress Bar – Free

Stunning progress bar for WordPress website in post or page

These are cool plugins to show the progress of content to the reader.

You can customize its size colors and layout as per your theme styles. also, it is mobile responsive.

10. WP Auto Terms – Paid

It is always important to create legal pages for every blog and website. You can find many privacy policy creator tools in the market.

The reason that I like WP Auto Terms is it is WordPress-friendly and provides plugins to set up all legal pages, templates, and compliance kits which is cool and faster for WordPress users.

11. Yoast SEO – Free and Paid

Powerful SEO tools for WordPress website

If you want to rank your website on Google, SEO is important and Yoast is a well-known SEO plugin for WordPress users.

It helps to analyze content, provide suggestions, connect the search console, generate a sitemap, and a lot more.

I really love this plugin because it helps to avoid any mistakes that I am doing in on-page optimization and saves a lot of time.

12. Social Media Pages – Free

Majors social media networking websites to share content

I have currently created different social media pages to share my blog post content with social users.

I use the following social media actively: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram.

But, I prefer sharing blog content manually rather than using automatic software.

13. Mailchimp – Free and Paid

Email marketing software

I use Mailchimp software for my client’s website, to send email newsletters to their subscribers due to their cool features like free for limited contact lists, fast user interface, and more.

Another reason I love Mailchimp is,

I am familiar and experienced in Mailchimp by designing email campaigns for many clients before.

14. Canva – Free and Paid

Online graphic designing tools

Canva is one of my favorite graphic designing tools due to its quick and easy user interface.

You can also find lots of images, shapes, and fonts for free.

I generally use these tools to design my regular featured post and sometimes advertisement graphics and for clients’ design work.

15. EasyWp Hosting – Paid

WordPress Hosting Service

I use Namecheap EasyWp supersonic hosting to host my website.

It was worth in pricing, easy to make a backup in one click and I love this hosting personally compared to different other hosting companies.

As they provide domain names at cheap prices too.

16. Namecheap Domain – Paid

Namecheap is a popular domain and hosting company. I purchase my domain from here as well as for my clients sometimes.

I have also used Namecheap email services which are very good to create a professional email address.

17. Supersonic CDN – Free for Namecheap users + Paid

For security and faster speed of the website, I have used supersonic CDN on this blog that is provided by Namecheap.

18. Grammarly – Free and Paid

Plagiarism and grammar checker tools

As a blogger, we need to write content and articles on a regular basis and it is natural to be spelling errors.

To avoid misspellings I use Grammarly tools which save lots of time and help to generate quality content.

Grammarly suggests sentences to make clear reading for users and a lot.

I use the Chrome extension of Grammarly which helps to check spelling directly on my Divi builder.

19. Quetext – Paid

Deepest Plagiarism checker tools

There are millions/billions of websites on the internet. When you write your content, It may match (content may match) to other blogs or websites which is not good for Google and may result in negative SEO ranking or site penalization.

I use these tools to avoid duplicate content.

20. Copyscape – Free and Paid

Plagiarism checker, Article Comparison, and Content Theft Detector 

Copyscape is my other favorite duplicate content checker tool and I love their free article comparison tools that help to compare articles between two different posts.

It shows the total word matched and the percentage of similar content.

You can also set up a content theft alert to know whether other blogs or website is copying your content or not.

21. Fiverr – Paid

Freelancing Platform to hire freelancers

Sometimes I use Fiverr to hire freelancers for video, animations, content creation, graphic design, and SEO projects.

You will find many freelancers who are selling small services such as Gigs at a very low cost.

Fiverr is the best way to reduce the workload in your busy schedule.

22. ScreencastOmatic – Free and Paid

Screen recorder and Video editor software

I am not a very professional video maker so I love this product when I need some video creation for my YouTube channel.

They have powerful video editor tools along with screen recording features and provide thousands of free stock images and free sound to use on any video project.

23. Ubersuggest (SEO Tools)

Powerful all-in-one SEO tools

Everyone knows NeilPatel those who are in the blogging, SEO, and digital marketing industries.

I use his powerful SEO software Ubersuggest for keyword research competitor research, Keyword analysis, and more SEO-related work.

More Tools (Bonus)

24. – Free

Plagiarism checker tools

This is one of the free and powerful plagiarism checker tools that I use sometimes.

It allows one time 1500 words per search.

25. Duplichecker – Free

Plagiarism checker tools

This is also a free as well as paid plagiarism checker tool. You can upgrade to their paid plan to access more features.

This is a simple tool to use and it gives a PDF report of your content scanning.

Broken links are the links from your website either that are not going to the correct location (URL) or is expired. Broken link checking is very important for SEO factors as well as user experience.

These tools allow you to check the broken link of the entire website in a few minutes. This is a free tool and you can try to find out the broken link to your website.

27. Websiteseochecker – Free

SEO Analyzer and Suggestions tools

There are lots of SEO analysis tools, and among those, I found the best on my list is “website SEO checker” for analyzing on-page and off-page SEO reports.

This will give a detailed analysis of SEO and gives suggestions to improve ranking too.

28. WordCounter – Free

Free word and characters counter tools

This is one of my favorite free tools to check content length, character length, and word counters.

29. Speech to Text – Free

Word generator from audio or voice

When I want to produce some text from voice, then I use these tools that quickly convert any sound to text.

These are free and cool online tools that I found ever.

30. Reduceimages – Free

Image resizing tools online

It is a fact that images with higher sizes decrease website speed and are bad for user experience as well as SEO.

I generally use images of less than 100kb on my blog.

These tools help to convert image size without losing much original quality. Reduce image tools do not charge any money to their users.

31. Remove. bg – Free and Paid

Automatic Image background remover in a few clicks

Even if you are a good graphic designer, It will take time to remove the image background.

Remove. Bg tools easily remove the background of any images and you can save the image file in .png format.

Or you can change any background color instead of white. This is free as well as paid.

Free gives a low-quality downloading option but sometimes it is better to use it as thumbnails or preview images.

32. Web-Capture.Net – Free

Webpage and post-capture tools ( For Screenshot)

If you are looking for tools to screenshot any page of a website, Believe me, you cannot find better than these tools.

I tested many screenshot tools that were paid and some did not give good images. “Either burned or overlapped problems.”

Try these tools, you will love them.

33. Web Archive – Free

Websites history viewer

A web archive is a well-known tool on the internet that automatically capture websites and store them in their database.

It helps to view older versions of any website as well as is sometimes beneficial to back up website data that is accidentally lost.

34. Tineye – Free

These are reverse image searching tools to find exact images on the internet or similar images.

It is also useful when you design a brand new logo to know if it matches others or not. It is bad practice to use a similar design as others.

35. Verifyemailaddress – Free

Check image is valid or not

If you are collecting Email leads for your clients or your business. This tool helps to verify whether the email address is valid or not.

Some email campaigns deactivate your account if the bounce rate is very high. At that time these tools play a vital role.

36. Alsoasked – Free and Paid

FAQ’s Frequently asked questions generator & Ideas tools 

If you have some idea of SEO, you may be familiar with focus keywords and related keywords.

Along with this, Google loves frequently asked questions in your articles too.

Sometimes I put people’s queries about any topics in my article and this tool helps to show related questions and their ideas for free.

37. – Free

Embed code generator

If you design Infographics on your website and want to give code to people to embed your graphics, these tools are free solutions.

It also helps to grow the backlink of your website which is good for SEO voting.

38. – Free

Check website is responsive or not

If you want to check whether any website layout is responsive or not, then this is a free solution for you.

You can view Android, mobile, and tablet phone versions virtually.

39. FlexClip – Free and Paid

Online video editor and video maker

FlexClip is a versatile and user-friendly video editing tool that has gained popularity among bloggers for its intuitive interface and powerful features. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, FlexClip offers a range of functionalities that make it a valuable asset in the blogging world.

40. DesignCap – Free and Paid

Powerful online design tool

DesignCap is a powerful online design tool that can be used to create a variety of graphics for your blog, including social media posts, blog headers, banners, and more. It offers a wide range of templates and customization options, making it easy to create professional-looking designs without any design experience.

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