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Facebook is the site innovated by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 it is a popular and widely used social networking site that aims to connect people worldwide, make them close despite the distance, and also inform people about the news of the world and communicate with friends and family.

FB (Facebook) is an addictive online platform that allows its users to share their views and ideas along with their photographs and videos, make audio and video call with their friends, give them the right to report disturbing content or illegal activities as well as they can unfriend or block the person they don’t like to connect with.

Besides these, the Facebook marketplace is also used by businesses to sell products and services worldwide. By creating the page and promoting it through Facebook’s paid advertising service.

Why Facebook is So Popular

Here are some of the reasons for Facebook is so popular:

  • Facebook is utilized by various business personnel to carry out their business activities and increase their consumers and profits.
  • By celebrities to increase their fan following.
  • Used by politicians to express their thoughts about the trending topics of their country or global news.
  • It is used by artists to show their art and portfolio.
  • And also, By the normal public by making groups and discuss on viral topics and giving justice by raising voices, etc.
  • It is also regarded as an all-in-one and user-friendly app which has made it different and popular from other similar applications.

Though many applications are invented which have similar features to Facebook. But being an old social site, trustable, and with its many powerful features, Facebook is always number one.

To exploit the features of this amazing application users require an email id or phone number and the password along with some personal information for them to sign in to Facebook or to get access to it.

Facebook is a safe site where the information you have shared is safe and they give you the options on which information to display with the public and which is not. It also works as a photo gallery backup for many users.

Benefits of Facebook For Business

Facebook is an economical way of marketing the products of your business which results in advantages, especially for small and medium businesses.

Once you Access Facebook login for your business profile you can add the information of your business to your profile. 

Some of the advantages and benefits of Facebook to business are:

  • Businesses can share the logo, images, and videos of their products and services to show what is their specialty.
  • Gives more traffic to your website that can increase the number of customers and sales.
  • Businesses can chat and communicate with consumers to understand their reviews and feedback.
  • Beneficial to promote the products targeting the customers who have liked your page, customers’ age, locations, and looking at their interests.

Benefits of Facebook For Students

“ is the social site that was first invented for the help of students and it has got a lot of benefits for the students too.

For educational purposes, Facebook login activity is performed so that it can be used for the subject projects, boost communication, engagement of the students in a better way, share notes with other students, etc.

For the subject projects, students can follow their teacher’s page and be up to date by viewing the Newsfeed, reviewing the books and projects, vote the teaching tool using the polls feature on Facebook.

“Students can participate in the challenges and show their talent too.”

Facebook also helps students to communicate with their friends and with their teachers for solving questions.

How to Create Facebook Account

The creation of a Facebook account is easy and can be made by almost everyone.

  1. Go to /

    First of all, you must have a Facebook application or you can go to the login website in your browser.

  2. Account Creation with Email

    And to create an account you need to enter your email address or phone number and password in the directed area or the given form.

  3. Provide Information

    You are also required to give your name, gender, date of birth, and other necessary information to complete the registration form.

  4. Click Signup

    After that click on the ‘sign-up button to prepare your account ready to use. And In the last step, it asks for confirmation of your email or phone number.

  5. Facebook Login Now

    You just need to either go to your Facebook app from a browser where it asks for your email or phone number and you have to enter the information you have previously registered.

How to Change Facebook Password

If you want to change your Facebook password then you need to follow some steps:

  • First, go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ in your account, and in the security, the button goes to ‘Security and Login’ where the option is available as ‘Change Password.
  • Click on that button and enter your previous password and new password and lastly click on ‘Save the Changes’.

How to Make Facebook Account Secure

Security of Facebook accounts is very important for every user to ensure their information with Facebook is safe and their account is not misused.

There are a lot of solutions that can safeguard your FB Id and you can try every way to make your FB account secure.

Below are the ways of making your Facebook account more secure:

1. Protect Your FB Password

A password is given to every account in a view to preventing logging Facebook by different other persons.

Protecting Facebook passwords is most important. It is your responsibility to protect the FB password securely.

Passwords can be protected by making them stronger by making them unique and long and mixing symbols and characters in them so that they cannot be guessed by anyone, not shared with others including your friends or relatives, or not logging in to Facebook on other’s devices and after Facebook logging, Make sure to erase those passwords by logging out from Facebook and not using the same password in other applications like tik-Tok, Twitter or WhatsApp which increase the chance of hacking if your those accounts get hacked.

2. logout If You Used Other’s Computers or Devices

Sometimes in some emergency situations, If you access other computers or from cyber cafes to log in to Facebook. In such a situation you need to log out from those devices in order to protect your account.

Once you enter Facebook If you didn’t log out or forgot to log out after using Facebook then you can change your password immediately.

This activity prevents your account and information from being hacked and mishandled.

3. Never Click a Suspicious Link That is Found Anywhere

Every once in a while we receive some posts or a link from our friends on Facebook or from a business. The links can be either in our email address or in FB messenger.

In such a situation you shouldn’t click on such links and give your sensitive information like email and password.

4. Never Accept Friend Requests From Unknown People

Many frauds or cheaters can create fake accounts and send friend requests. So we have to be aware of those accounts and should not accept requests from unknown people.

If you accept the requests and became friends with them, Then there is a high chance that you may receive harmful or maleficent messages from them, They may tag you with unwanted posts and also try to trick and send you spam links.

5. Never Share Your Email, Password, or FB Login Information with Anyone

Your Facebook login information including email and password is very valuable information about your account that should not be shared with anyone and anywhere.

For security, you should check the website URL and avoid logging in to other websites that are similar to Facebook because frauds can create such sites to track down the login information and may try phishing activities.

Also, you should stop forwarding any e-mails from those sites.

6. Update And Scan Your Device Before Facebook Login

The regularity of updating and scanning your device can shield your device from malicious applications.

Your device may have accessed some harmful software that can grab your information and can take unwanted steps.

You can notice the unfamiliar activities and behavior of your device so if you notice any such actions you can update your browser and scan, clean, and delete any unnecessary and doubtful applications and clear cache from your browser and device.

7. Do Not Install Malicious or Untrusted Software On Your Device

There are some software and applications found on the internet that may be malicious and cannot be trusted.

Generally, these types of software are developed by scammers to scam and hack other’s devices.

For the security of your device and your Facebook account, you have to determine such apps and should never install them on your device.

Because they can access every piece of information on your device and can mishandle and misuse your information as well as they can do certain activities that are harmful and unwanted.

How Do I Know, If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked?

Facebook accounts can be hacked by another person either by hacking your Facebook email address or your password and acquiring the information that you have given to Facebook.

Those hackers may misuse your ID and perform unusual and harmful activities and even sometimes they may restrict you to get access to your FB account.

1. Friend Requests are Sent to Unknown People

One of the most common signs of your account being hacked is that “friend requests are sent to the people you do not know or you haven’t seen.”

If you can see new people in your friend lists whom you do not know or if you receive a notification of someone accepting your friend request then it may be a sign of Facebook being hacked.

2. Your Facebook Password or Email Have Changed

The situation when you want to log into Facebook but you couldn’t open your FB id and it says that your password is incorrect or the email address you have entered is incorrect then certainly your account is hacked and your email or password is changed by that hacker.

In such a case you can report to Facebook and change your password with your phone number.

3. Messages are Sent Even If You Didn’t Write

Some of the hackers want to take advantage of your Facebook account and try to send unwanted messages to the person on your friendliest randomly.

If you notice any messages to your friends that you don’t remember writing or sending to them or if they are not related to your conversation then your account is hacked and you need to get aware to secure it.

4. Image, Post, or Video Have Been Uploaded

The other situation that notifies you that your id has been hacked is when you do not create any status or do not post any videos or images in your timeline but it appears and is posted.

It not only shows that your account is used by a foreign person but also the intention of that particular person to get on your Facebook profile.

5. Your Birthday Has Been Updated

When you found out that you do not receive greetings from Facebook and Facebook friends on your actual birthday and your birthday has been updated incorrectly. But not by you then it’s time for you to understand that somebody has accessed your account.

Now, you need to change the password immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Save Information on Facebook? 

Facebook login information is such data where your email or password is remembered by the browser and you do not need to reenter them the next time.

To save login information on Facebook for the next time, Click the “remember me next time” option in the browser.

Accessing Facebook From Mobile, Desktop, and Other Devices the Same Way?

Yes, the Facebook sign-in from mobile devices, desktops, and other devices follows the same procedure.

In any device, the same process is applied where you need to open the site Facebook or go into the Facebook application, enter your email address or phone number, and enter your password. Lastly, click on the ‘Sign In’ button to get access to your Facebook secure login to Facebook.

How to Know If a Facebook Message Was Sent?

On Facebook, it is easy to know whether your message to a particular friend is sent or not.
After you have typed your message and clicked on the send button or hit enter.

On the right side in the message area, a tick right appears and if the message is delivered then the tick turns blue.

But if the message failed to be delivered then you can see a red mark and it informs that “your message is not sent” providing you the option to resend it again or to delete it.

I Can’t Log in to FB Why?

There can be various reasons that do not allow you to get logged in to Facebook you may have typed the wrong password or you may have entered the wrong email id, or there may be issues with cache or cookies in a browser, if your device is attacked by virus, your account may get hacked and you are locked out from your account by a hacker, or Facebook may have disabled your account if it does not find your account to be real, etc.


Facebook is a useful social site that makes everyone active socially and lets them be aware of everything happening around their surroundings.

Facebooking is part of entertainment activities that not only provide you with a good time pass but also gives you knowledge and ideas on worldly activities informing your presence in front of the world.

Facebook is the world’s best and most popular networking site that is user-friendly and has a lot to offer to its users like making friends, chatting, audio and video calling, commenting on others’ posts, creating a post, uploading photos and videos, expressing your ideas, and opinions, various online games like ludo and chess, reporting to the things they don’t like, etc.

Facebook is the platform where you can express yourself to create a good image and relationship in front of numerous people.

It gives every kind of information and helps everyone, especially introverted people, who feel shy and awkward to express themself and show off their talent in front of the mass.

Being a part of Facebook can make you a part of society because these days, Online platforms are more popular and effective than the physical world.

Once you have logged into Facebook then you cannot stop yourself from being a fan of this site. Many Facebookers log in for many purposes. It depends on their activities and ways of operating this application.

In sum, Facebook is an addictive as well as a beneficial platform that gives every kind of information and benefits on the basis of your goals and motives.

If you can balance the use of Facebook and can utilize its features in your daily life, You can be successful and active. login by Facebooker on every device is the same process. 

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