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I am a Freelance Web Designer

I’m a person who designs websites and has been doing it for 10 years. I’m also into business, digital marketing, and blogging. I really like learning about new technologies.

I think positively and have become a successful international web designer, working with clients from 18 different countries. I’m good at getting more people to visit websites, getting leads, and making online sales. I know a lot about website development, graphic design, and digital marketing.

I’m a partner with Wix, and I’ve earned 6400 points, which is a lot. My personal website offers web design services to people from around the world.

Since 2013, I’ve been working as a freelancer on Upwork, where I have a good reputation. I run my own business called “Suman Infotech,” helping companies with their websites and digital marketing since 2015.

I wear many hats in my business, like being a web designer, digital marketer, and project manager. I have a small team that helps with accounting and administrative tasks, and I’m proud to create job opportunities.

I’ve done several website projects on Freelancer.com, an Australian website where employers can hire freelancers like me. Fiverr is another platform where I’ve provided web design services successfully.

I have 18 certifications from big companies like Google and Microsoft. These certifications show that I’m good at website development and digital marketing, and I always want to learn more.

I’ve written articles for popular news websites and been invited to contribute research articles to respected portals in Nepal. People have benefited from my articles, and I’ve even shared my knowledge through training sessions for startup companies.

In 2018, I showcased my website projects at an exhibition held by CAN Infotech in Nepal. My work has been published in prominent media outlets, and I’ve been invited to talk on TV about topics like digital marketing and web design trends in Nepal.

Besides web design and digital marketing, I love researching and writing. I started a blog, “samwebdesigner.com,” to help web designers and marketers around the world. The blog has free articles on improving website speed, guides for freelancers, and tutorials on creating websites.

I also offer free black background images for graphic and web designers on my website, www.blackbackground.org. These images can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

I was asked by Providence 1 Nepal to contribute my research to their publication about Nepal’s digital transformation. I’m excited to share my insights and experiences.

Type of Website I will work

I make websites for legal businesses or personal use. If you’re in the legal field, I can design a website for you.

Some of the examples of websites I design/ I work on are:

Clothing Store
Electronics Shop
Grocery Store
Food and Beverage

Coffee Shop
Catering Service

Consulting Firm
Cleaning Services
Event Planning
Health and Wellness

Fitness Center
Spa and Wellness
Medical Clinic

Software Development
IT Consulting
Electronics Repair

Accounting Firm
Financial Planning
Investment Services
Real Estate

Real Estate Agency
Property Management
Construction Company

Tutoring Services
Language School
Online Learning Platform

Movie Theater
Gaming Arcade
Event Management
Travel and Hospitality

Travel Agency
Tour Guide Services

Websites I will Not Work are

Here are a few types of websites I won’t work on.


Creating a website that shows inappropriate and explicit pictures or videos is what we mean by “pornography web design.” It involves making a site that is not suitable or allowed for certain audiences due to its explicit content. I won’t make websites for adult content that’s not allowed where I live.


Purenudism web design involves creating websites that feature nudist or naturist content. These sites focus on promoting a lifestyle of nudity in natural settings. The design aims to showcase nudism as a form of body acceptance and a connection to nature, adhering to legal and ethical standards. I won’t make websites for adult content that’s not allowed where I live.


Cryptography web design involves creating websites with a strong emphasis on secure communication and data protection. It integrates cryptographic techniques to safeguard information, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. The design focuses on implementing robust encryption algorithms and secure protocols to enhance the overall cybersecurity of the website.

Any other Illegal Business

If the business is against the law or not legal, I won’t design a website for it.

Hire me For a Website

Need a standout website or a boost in search engine visibility? Look no further! I offer top-notch website services and SEO expertise to elevate your online presence. With a decade of experience, I bring passion and proficiency to every project.

From captivating web design to optimizing content for search engines, I tailor my services to meet your unique needs. Let’s collaborate to create a website that not only looks impressive but also attracts your target audience. Elevate your online success – hire me for unparalleled website and SEO services that make a difference!

Email: suman@samwebdesigner.com

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