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Calendly is a software company that develops platforms for communication in business. It enables scheduling, preparing, and following up on business team meetings.

Features of Calendly

Features of Calendly

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Here are 10 features of Calendly.

1. Customization

With the help of Calendly user can customize their meetings by scheduling dates, specifying time, duration, and days of week of availability for the meetings.

2. Calander

Calendly integrates your schedules into popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar, and Outlook. This makes it easier for you to be updated with your availability,  preventing overbooking and keeping your schedules clean and up-to-date.

3. Personalized Links

Calendly users can create and receive a unique link for each of their scheduled meetings, that they can share with the team members.

This helps the team choose from available time slots without needing back-and-forth communication.

4. Reminders

For any meeting that you schedule in Calendly, an automated email notification, as well as a reminder is sent to the organizer and the participants.

This reminder helps in reducing the possible missed meetings.

5. Time Zone Detection

Calendly digits time zone for various reasons and adjust the meeting appointment accordingly.

This automatic detection of time zones ensures that the meetings are accurately planned regardless of the participants’ area.

6. Multiple Events

Users in Calendly can schedule different types of meetings along with the help of specific settings and requirements which allows them to have a flexible schedule and have their work done in a short period.

7. Team Scheduling

With the help of Calendly team members can coordinate group events or meetings with a collaborative schedule. This feature of teams helps with the coordination of multiple participants into a single meeting.

8.  Event Pages

It allows its users to customize the appearance of the scheduling pages. Users can add their brand elements, logos, and personalized messages according to their needs to create a better, professional, and exciting look. 

9. Buffer Time

Buffer timing is something like break time, users can set their time between appointments to allow them to take a break and get a refresher from meetings and to avoid having back-to-back meetings.

10. Analytics and Reporting

Calendly allows users to track and analyze their scheduling activities. Not only that it helps in understanding participants’ behavior and makes them make an informed decision on the scheduled meeting.


Calendly is a handy platform that allows you to schedule your meetings, it also integrates with other platforms for a clean schedule and appointments. With features like buffer time, link, and reminder notifications it keeps users updated with their tasks and scheduled meetings.

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