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Wix is one of the most popular website-building platforms. If you have your website built in WIX and want to give access to someone for maintaining and updating your website, Here is an easy guide on how to do it.

There are many freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, and Upwork where you can find WIX experts, Or you can see the WIX partner page to check the best website developers to ask for help with.

Follow this guide for adding someone as your Wix website admin/contributor:

Roles & Permissions: Inviting People to Collaborate, Wix.

Below are the steps for making someone your Wix website contributor:

1. log in to your WIX website.

Enter your Wix email and password by visiting “” and login into your account.

2. Hover Your Mouse on Wix Dashboard.

Once you are logged in to the Wix dashboard, You will see your website and “Site Actions”. “Hover Your Mouse” for which website you want to give access to someone.
make wix contributor

3. Click Invite People, And Give Access.

Click “Invite People” as shown in the image above, And You will see the field to enter your email address. Enter the email address you want to send an invite. And Check the options whether you want to make admin, editor, or give access to any roles. And click “Send Invite”.
make wix website contributor and admin

4. Wait for Invitation Acceptance.

Now, Your invitation is sent, and wait for Invitation acceptance by the person to whom you sent an invite.

Wix Contributors Roles and Permissions

In Wix, there are different roles such as (Admin (Co-Owner), Website Manager, Website Designer, Back Office Manager, Content Collection Manager, Billing Manager, Domain Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Store Manager, and Payment Manager). Each role has its own functions.

Below, I have discussed a few different roles and permissions before you give access to someone:

1. Admin (Co-Owner)

Admin (Co-Owner) has full control and access to your Wix website, Admin (Co-Owner) can able to access billing, domain setting, payments, and everything on your website.

2. Website Manager

Website Manager in Wix can access your website and edit / publish the suite, But cannot manage the bill and cannot duplicate the website.

3. Website Designer

Website Designers can able to manage the site, Edit the setting but they cannot access your Inbox and cannot read messages and sensitive info.

4. Back Office Manager

Back Office Manager can able to access your WIX website dashboard and change the Site and apps setting, But Back Office Manager cannot able to edit and publish your website.

5. Content Collection Manager

Content Collection Managers have permission to modify the contents of all your website collections but they do not have access to your website.

6. Billing Manager

The billing Manager can able to renew subscriptions, Add payment methods but cannot edit the site.

7. Domain Manager

Domain Manager has access to your website domain section.

8. Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager has permission to manage all marketing tools of your website, Marketing Manager can create automation for your website and can able to view analytics.

9. Customer Relations Manager

The customer Relations Manager can able to manage, Contact, Form, Different tasks, Automation, and communicate with customers via Inbox.

10. Store Manager

Store Managers can view the store of products, See orders, Change and edit collections, shipping, and tax.

11. Payment Manager

Payment Managers can able to view and manage customer payments but they cannot access your domain or Wix website subscriptions.

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