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If you want to learn about digital marketing you can easily find a lot of informative things on the internet.

YouTube is a free platform where you can learn digital marketing through educational channels.

Here are some of the best YouTubers for you to learn digital marketing.

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a co-founder of crazy egg, Hello Bar, and KISSMetrix and has expertise in the digital marketing field and provides a lot of quality content about digital marketing.

When it comes to educating about the digital market Neil Patel comes to marketers’ minds on a global scale. With more than 1.18 million subscribers and 1.3k videos, he has a lot of valuable insights and good strategies that he shares for free on YouTube.

2. Sunil Chaudhari

Sunil Chaudhary is also one of the leading digital success coaches who has put out his content on YouTube.

He is digitally known to provide comprehensive courses on digital marketing, including various topics like SEO, social media marketing, and other content marketing stuff.

He goes by Guruji Sunil Chaudhary on YouTube and has 6.6k subscribers with 2.6k videos.

3. Moz

It mainly focuses on teaching you the art of search engine optimization and you can also find tutorials and insights on things related to SEO.

With 89.7k subscribers it includes a variety of topics including, keyword research on-page optimization, link building, and many more.

4. Ahrefs: Uncovering the secret of effective SEO

Ahrefs is also another YouTuber who is renowned for his SEO tools. He provides end-to-end information on terms related to marketing, and tutorials on his YouTube channel where he has 427k subscribers.

His videos are easy to understand and leave you with a lot of knowledge about topics within the digital marketing field like affiliate marketing SEO courses link building and many more.

5. Hubspot and HubSpot marketing

Hubspot has a YouTube channel with the name hotspot marketing that has 300k+ subscribers. They put out content covering various digital marketing topics which include email marketing, social media management, and branding within the industry.

Hubspots YouTube channel has a playlist that allows users to navigate through their videos easily.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also a powerful tool on covering valuable insights within the digital marketing industry.

This channel helps you to become familiar with their software and provides tutorials and case studies on how to use them for your benefit.

By looking at their videos you can have an in-depth knowledge about the website’s performance and ways to set up track conversions and optimise your website.

7. Social media examiner

Social media examiner is one of the leading authorities on social media marketing and provides you with insights on social media and strategies that you can use to stay relevant on various social media platforms.

You can watch for valuable tips case studies and tutorials to lift your social media presence and connect to your audience effectively.


Digital marketing is something that everyone aspires to learn. They are many ways to learn digital marketing one of which is YouTube.

On YouTube channels like Neil Patel, HubSpot, Google Analytics, social analytics, and many more you can learn about a variety of digital marketing topics and put them to use to benefit yourself.

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