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“live cricket score apps are those apps that are useful for cricket fans to see updates, news, commentary, and video through their different devices including mobile and tablet. Some live cricket scoring apps are free as well as paid. From the list of Apps I mentioned below, You can view different matches like live cricket scores for IPL, Worldcup, etc.

Cricket is one of the popular games between two groups of players containing eleven players in each group or team.

If you are new to cricket, there, a bat and a ball are used to play this game in an oval field filled with short grass.

In a cricket match, both teams have to perform tasks like fielding, bowling, and batting.

The player who is batting in cricket is called a batsman and the bowling one is called a bowler.

There are always two batsmen at the same time on the field and only one bowler.

In the whole game bowler always tries to hit the bails and tries to show the best performance.

The score is anything not less than 6 runs in single bowling. And live cricket scorecard is real-time scoring data seen by the public. There are many best live cricket scores apps and websites that I mentioned below.

The batsman always tries to protect the wicket from the ball thrown by the bowler and tries to make as many runs for winning.

The winner and the loser team in cricket are chosen on the basis of the total run they get while playing.

A batsman and their team can get 6 runs if they hit the ball flying out of the field. And they get 4 runs if the ball reaches out of the field by bouncing or touching the ground.

They can also get runs if the two batters change their position on the pitch after the ball is hit.

If you are new to cricket and want to learn the History of cricket, You can check the wiki page which may help you a lot.

8 Best Cricket Live Streaming Apps for Android

Here are the reviews of the 8 best web cricket live score

Cricket is a popular game that is played by several countries like South Africa, Bangladesh, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc. There are several different live cricket score apps specially developed for the fans of cricket who always want to be updated on every match.

Below are the eight best cricket score apps for Android.


live cricket score apps

Cricbuzz is one of the Android cricket score apps which gives real-time cricket score updates and extremely entertaining commentary of the match very faster.

This app notifies with information every news of the cricket match like (schedules of new matches, the latest cricket match score updates, articles, absolute videos, etc.)

For the bigger tournaments like IPL, T20 world cup, etc, This app gives remarkable content. Cricbuzz has its scope for every cricket tournament from domestic to international like IPL, CPL, BBL, etc.

To download this app in Android from Google Play Store, users need to have their Gmail or Google account, and users can also send feedback and ratings to these apps within the play store and enjoy live scoring of cricket.

It can be stored in less space for faster and easier use. Moreover, users need to provide their current location which is needed for this app to show related news and videos of their location.

And sometimes they use that information for advertising purposes too. After all, downloading this app is totally free of cost for all Android users.

Key Features of Crickbuzz:

  • This app gives Highly entertaining commentary and updates (ball-by-ball) to users.
  • Free to download by all Android users by Gmail Login from the Google play store.
  • It gives schedules for upcoming cricket matches and past matches too.
  • This shows the ranking, records, and status of cricket live gaming.

2. CricHeroes

live score cricket

CricHeroes is another tool to watch cricket scores for cricket lovers. It gives information on cricket scoring for Android devices and this app also provides scores and commentary of the domestic cricket match of each ball to ball.

I personally use this app to view live cricket. It gives the feeling of watching a cricket match similar to your own TV with its Live broadcasting features.

You can get cricket videos as well as news, polls, and questions related to cricket, and also the summary of the scoreboard of the entire match.

Cricheroes are also beneficial for the one who organizes tournaments because they provide every essential for managing entire tournaments like leaderboard, schedules, pages, points table, etc.

This app lets you understand the perception of players, matches, and tournaments which aids you to become a great cricketer.

Some of the key features of Crick Heroes:

  • Ball-by-ball commentary and live cricket score update for domestic matches and tournaments.
  • It gives live cricket views and live cricket streaming for the local matches similar to what you see on your Television.
  • You will enjoy news, updates, quizzes, and pools too.
  • You can create your cricket profile in these apps and earn rewards and badges too.
  • Free to download as well as users can upgrade to the pro version to access more info.

3. ESPNCricinfo

cricket android apps

The next Android cricket score app is ESPNCricinfo which is also specialized to give live cricket news, videos, and live cricket scores.

It has full coverage of every match of the world including the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, BBL, country championship, etc.

This application also provides an explanation and scores ball by ball on every match and also notifies the announcement on each live match.

With this tool, you can get the latest cricket news and videos related to cricket like interviews, press meetings, highlights, etc.

You are able to customize ESPNCricinfo and you can follow the cricket teams that you like the most.

It allows viewers to view live cricket with the conception of the experts about the match or the players.

This app alerts its users with the announcement of every upcoming match and breaking news.

Some of the key features of ESPNCricinfo:

  • Users can get live cricket scores and updates very quickly.
  • An easy user interface to read about cricket news.
  • ESPN Cricinfo app provides all kinds of cricket videos, live matches, press conferences, etc.
  • You can get opinions from the most popular people like Ajit Agarkar, Tom Moody, Sanjay Manjrekar, and more.

4. OneCricket

view cricket apps online

OneCricket is an application that is designed to give live cricket scores and is compatible with any Android device either from mobile phones or laptops.

This app pins real-time cricket scores and allows viewers to view live cricket for free. Similar to other apps it also provides news and information related to cricket and matches like IPL, World Cup, T20, etc.

The best features of the OneCricket app are that it announces updates on every ball, provides a live cricket scoreboard with a refresh option, gives the summary of previous matches, accesses the information of future matches, classifies the matches on the basis of time, date, series, and teams, gives the records and facts of the cricket, etc.

It offers the best experiences for cricket fans by providing cricket scores faster than the TV.

To make it easy and convenient for the users it has updated its features to light mode too.

5. Cricket Line Guru

website to see cricket score

Cricket Line Guru is the fastest app that gives live cricket scores and ball-by-ball live updates for cricket fans.

This app fully covers every match domestic, international, test match, and women’s match too.

Users are provided with quick commentary on each ball with a live cricket scoreboard.

Also, it gives notifications for every live and forthcoming cricket game including the upgraded schedules of future games. Users are provided with polls of every latest and future match.

Moreover, they can obtain information about each cricket player and the details of previous and upcoming matches. Recently, they have made some new updates like bug fixes, an improvement on the user interface, and features of chat. It means this app is caring to improve more user-friendly interfaces by making updates on their apps from time to time.

6. Cricket LIVE Scores App CricSmith

how to see live cricket score

Cricket LIVE Score app CricSmith is an application for Android users that has gained popularity with its unique presentation of live cricket scores, overs, and wickets of old matches using Arc.

This app is very fast at delivering the scores effortlessly on each ball. It makes live cricket news, live scoreboards, and details of bowlers and partners available to cricket fans who follow this app.

Plus, it makes the users alert on every essential point of the game like centuries, wickets, etc and users can also customize and get alerts on every sixes and four.

This tool delivers information on the location of future matches as well as provides a countdown for the matches that can increase the excitement level.

Viewers can obtain information about recent or upcoming matches including the name of players, the location of the match, reports of recent matches, and so on.

Cricket LIVE Scores App CricSmith can be a beneficial app for diehard fans of cricket because it provides free real-time scoring services with only a few advertisements.

Some of the key features of the Cricket LIVE Score app CricSmith:

  • Similar to other apps “Cricket LIVE Score app CricSmith” also provides news, updates, and live cricket scoreboards.
  • They allow users to see live cricket partnership details and details of bowlers.
  • Enable wickets falling sounds in High quality.
  • Share notifications of a live cricket match.
  • Schedules of every upcoming cricket match and more.

7. CricLine

application to see match of cricket

The seventh Android cricket-scoring app on my list is CricLine.

CricLine is also renowned as one of the fastest cricket scoring applications in the world because it is capable of delivering live cricket scores faster than the TV.

It has its scope on almost every type of match from domestic level to international level like ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, T20, and so on.

This app covers all of the news of matches like women’s matches, test matches, ODI, and many more.

And also it gives full information about past matches, their players and records, location as well as about future matches, and their details.

8. Live Line & Cricket Scores

live cricket score apps

Last but not least, Live Line and Cricket Scores is an app that is compatible with Android devices and shows ultra-fast live cricket scores with ball-to-ball commentary.

And the premium user of this app can even pin the scores in the background. This app also covers details of every national and international match like the IPL, Champions Trophy, ICC Cricket World Cup, and many more.

It gives all information about the match including sessions, bowlers, batsmen, venue of the match, pictures of players, etc.

Moreover, you are able to watch two or more live matches at the same time.

Live Line and Cricket Scores provide videos and cricket-related news with the facts and records of cricket.

It also gives rankings as a team, batsmen, bowlers, and all other rankings.

Additionally, it organizes the schedules of the matches on the basis of the team, date, and series.

Also, users can get premium versions at discounts where they can enjoy ad-free live matches and many more features.

WebCricket Live Score

Cricket is the world’s most popular game followed by millions of people from different countries. There is no chance that a cricket fan wants to miss any news or events related to cricket.

They can watch the cricket scores and scoreboards on the websites easily through their browsers whenever for free instead of not having the cricket scoring app installed on their phone.

web cricket live score – to view cricket scores from Browsers

1. Cricbuzz

cricket application online website

The first cricket score website is Cricbuzz. It is a popular site that provides the latest cricket news with just a click without any cost.

This site delivers commentary on each ball, live games, cricket-related news and article, forthcoming tournaments, game schedules, rankings, and many more.

It is simple to use for any viewer because it just has a simple home screen where it displays cricket news and reports.

Cricbuzz also has a live scoring app for Android users that are available to download without any charge.

2. Hotstar

hotstar cricket apps

Hotstar is another website in the queue that displays live cricket scores online. It is not only a destination for cricket and other sports but also provides movies and series as per the demand of the viewers.

To enjoy the free live cricket score in Hotstar First, you need to create an account with your email id or Gmail before streaming and it is essential for your device to get connected to the internet connection.

3. Cricketworld

real time cricket score

This is also one of the famous sites to deliver the service of live cricket matches and scores without charging a fee to cricket fans.

The home of the site is split up into different segments including the segment for live cricket games where viewers can watch any match and tournament live.

And there is also the part for live scores where viewers can get the live cricket scoreboard and Live Cricket Score results of the games.

Moreover, there are sections for videos, the latest cricket news, pictures, game prediction, and so on.

4. FC2

cricketing applications

The fourth site on my list is FC2. It has been categorized as the best site that ensures a good experience for the viewers by offering cricket materials like live matches in HD, cricket scores, and so on.

On the home page of this site, there is a table that shows every live cricket match of several countries with their ending time.

Apart from delivering the fastest live cricket match and scores, they deliver other sports too like golf, snooker, Football, etc. You can visit their official site by clicking the above link.

5. Cricfree

applications of cricket apps

CricFree is a site that not only gives cricket-related videos and news but gives every sports-related service.

And users do not need to log in to their site by providing their personal information to enjoy or view the sports videos.

Moreover, there is an option for a chat where cricket fans can communicate and express their thought and opinions by chatting with each other.

You can obtain every detail of the current and upcoming matches with their starting and ending times on this website.

Also, it offers every match in HD quality which aids in giving a better user experience.

6. Webcric

webcrick score

Among a lot of cricket-scoring websites, Webcric is also one. Webcric is a website based on cricket where cricket fans can watch live cricket matches, live cricket scoreboards, and results along with other news and materials related to cricket.

It shows live cricket scores of almost every match like the T20 and World Cup.

The home page of this website displays every match that is currently happening and the future ones along with the date and time of the match, the venue, and the name of the country they represent in the cricket match.

Also, viewers are able to choose the quality of the video from low quality to high.

7. Cricket Willow TV

fast cricket live score

Next on the list of cricket-scoring websites is Cricket Willow TV.

It is a site that delivers almost every match in the world which includes ICC (International Cricket Council), England Cricket Board, IPL(Indian Premier League), West Indies Cricket Board, and many others.

Here viewers can watch cricket’s latest news, cricket highlights, results of recent cricket games, and many other videos of cricket.

This site also provides information on the different game schedules of different tournaments. Similar to other websites this is free to use.

8. Bosscast

how to see cricket score

Bosscast.net is a cricket score-watching site that gives information related to cricket.

This site has three different sections on its page where the first section displays the channels and schedules of the cricket match, the second one shows all of the cricket events happening on the current date with their time as well as users are able to change their time zone in this part.

The next section is the chat zone where cricket fans from different countries can chat and express their feelings related to the match.

Their website interface is mobile friendly which can be viewed easily and freely from all kinds of devices and browsers.

Live Cricket Score FAQs

Is watching the live cricket score result free?

Yes, Generally most of them are completely free of cost to watch LIVE Cricket Score results on any website or application.

You can just download the app from the app store on your device and enjoy live cricket scoring.

Some apps or websites ask users to register for watching videos for a better user experience.

Do all apps above give the latest match reports & Live Commentary too?

To give live commentary of a cricket match is only possible with an app that streams live videos of the match. And yes it is true that every cricket scoring app mentioned above provides the latest news reports, results, ranking, and even the LIVE commentary of each ball in the match.

Do all apps allow live cricket streaming to watch from all countries?

There are some apps that allow international viewers to watch live cricket streaming matches like the Cricbuzz app, Hotstar app, etc but there also exist some applications which do not allow viewers from all countries to watch live cricket streaming by them.

It all depends on their rules and features of country restrictions.

live Cricket Score Apps Conclusions

Live cricket score apps have played an important role in cricket industries to view live Cricket from around the world.

In conclusion, cricket apps are a great boon for die-hard fans of cricket who are busy with their work and don’t get time to watch TV and view the flash score.

Cricket apps have made it so easy to watch cricket and cricket-related news and report anytime and from anywhere.

People do not need to sit in front of their TV and wait all day to watch cricket because now with cricket apps they can watch on their mobile phones in between work whenever they have leisure time.

These apps have acted as a one-stop destination for cricket because they got everything to deliver to their viewers like:

-Live cricket matches of every type of match from national to international level.

-The latest scoreboard.

-Commentary on every ball.

-Latest news and cricket articles.

-Details of every upcoming and recent match and the players.

-Cricket polls and bettings, etc.

Cricket apps also give an opportunity for fans to play virtual cricket with different people for enjoyment and show their talents.

So all thanks to the technology and cricket apps for all the benefits and the convenience.

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