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Toys and Colors@toysandcolors is a super cool YouTube channel made just for kids, and it all started on March 17th, 2016.

They make videos that are all about having fun and being entertained. Imagine this: they’ve posted a whopping 1,106 videos, and guess what? 48 million people are subscribed to their channel! That’s like having a whole city of fans.

And get this – their videos have been watched an incredible 54,585,872,448 times! Yes, you read that right – over 54 billion times!

It’s like everyone in the world watching their videos multiple times. This makes Toys and Colors a big deal in the world of kids’ entertainment on YouTube.

Toys and Colors@toysandcolors are based in the United States, and they proudly hold the 13th position in the country rank.

It’s like being the 13th coolest kid in the class but for YouTube channels. Social Blade, a website that checks how well channels are doing, gave them a super-duper A++ grade, and they’re not just doing well – they’re in an awesome 2nd place overall.

That means they’re like the vice president of YouTube Entertainment!

Breaking down their Social Blade rankings even more, they’re ranked 50th overall, 16th in terms of subscribers, and 17th in video views. In the entertainment category, they’re at a super impressive 2.5 million, grabbing a big 44.4% of the market share.

It’s like they have the coolest toy in the playground that everyone wants to play with.

Now, let’s talk about their growth – in the last 30 days alone, Toys and Colors@toysandcolors has been on fire! They earned somewhere between $687.1K and $11M. That’s a lot of money, right? And guess what? More people are watching their videos too – a whopping 47.9% increase! That’s like if you had 10 friends, and suddenly, you got almost 5 more friends joining the fun. Their videos got viewed between $8.2M and $131.9M times in just one month. That’s like having a really popular show on TV.

Now, if we look at the big picture, their estimated yearly earnings could be around a jaw-dropping 2.748 billion dollars! Yes, billion with a “b”! It’s like they have a magical piggy bank that never stops filling up.

Toys and Colors@toysandcolors is not just any channel; it’s a leader in bringing joy and fun to kids all around the world. Their videos are like magic spells that make everyone smile. With their creative and fun approach, they’re not just surviving on YouTube – they’re thriving! So,

if you’re a kid looking for some awesome entertainment, Toys and Colors is the place to be. They’re like the superheroes of YouTube, making a big mark in the world of kids’ entertainment.


Last Update: Nov 27 2023

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