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OceanWP is a free WordPress theme that does a lot for you. It works well with Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg. You can upgrade to the Pro version for more features.

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Why Choose OceanWP?

Elementor Ready

Works great with Elementor page builder.

WooCommerce Ready

Perfect for creating online stores and e-commerce websites.

Gutenberg Ready

Compatible with the WordPress block editor.

Go Pro for More Features

  • Free download with over 6 million downloads.
  • Positive reviews with 5,000+ ratings.
  • Trusted by many users, developers, hosting providers, and WordPress resource websites.

Start Faster with OceanWP

  • Overcome the initial challenges with our beginner’s guide.

What’s New

  • Boost your sales with new eCommerce features.
  • OceanWP Metabox Settings got a makeover for a better look and speed.
  • Compare OceanWP with Elementor to maximize your website’s potential.
  • Modernized website templates are coming soon with royalty-free images.

Why OceanWP is Special

  • Complete and flexible functionalities for any kind of website.
  • Follows the best SEO practices and user settings.
  • You have full control over features without unnecessary clutter.
  • Fully customizable at a global and individual page level.
  • Regular updates for code quality and accessibility.
  • Well-documented with detailed guides.
  • Fully responsive on all devices.

What Users Say

  • Users love the customization capabilities and ease of use.
  • Clean and modern design, perfect for professional websites.
  • Fantastic theme with flexibility and performance.
  • Always exceeding expectations since 2016.
  • Easy to use and lives up to its promises.

OceanWP Pro Bundle

  • Get more styles, functionality, and support.
  • Access to millions of photos, illustrations, and icons.

Full Website Templates

  • OceanWP Pro Bundle offers fully editable templates for Elementor & Gutenberg.
  • 1-click installation for easy setup.

OceanWP Extensions

  • Free extensions bring extra functionality.
  • Includes freemium templates, additional widgets, and more.

OceanWP Pro Bundle Features

  • Premium templates for Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • Sticky Header, Widgets pack for Elementor, Popup Login, and more.

Build an Online Store with OceanWP

  • Seamless WooCommerce integration with 100+ templates.
  • Customize shop pages, product archives, and single product pages.

Why Choose OceanWP Pro

  • Complement your website with powerful features.
  • Sticky Header, Widgets pack for Elementor, Popup Login, and more.

Ocean ECommerce Pro

  • Premium addon for WooCommerce with additional features.

Why OceanWP Pro Bundle

  • Continuous support and updates.
  • 14-day no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Trusted by users and clients for years.

Final Thoughts

OceanWP is a free WordPress theme that’s great for beginners and professionals alike. It works smoothly with popular tools like Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg.

If you want more features, you can upgrade to the Pro version, offering flexibility and customization. It’s praised for its clean design, user-friendly nature, and performance.

New features and improvements are regularly added, ensuring your website stays modern. The OceanWP Pro Bundle provides extra styles, functionality, and support.

With millions of downloads and positive reviews, OceanWP has been trusted by users, developers, and hosting providers since 2016. Continuous support, a refund policy, and a reputation for excellence make OceanWP a reliable choice.

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