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JotForm Builder is a cloud computing form-building tool that allows building the form conveniently and quickly.

It uses its drag-and-drop option to create and edit the forms easily. With Jotform Builder anyone can create a form without learning any knowledge of codes. This builder owns a huge number of templates and layouts and delivers them to web builders.

For its customers, it offers before and after services as well as upgrades its system at regular intervals for better performance.

A dashboard is also displayed by Jot form that informs its users about their performances, submission, and form analytics of visits, and more.

There are a lot of advantages of the Jot form builder and some of them are written below: Features

Here are the features of Jotform:

  • Jot form builder allows its users to create any sort of form like application forms, registration forms, contact forms, questionnaire forms, and so on easily. 
  • It has become a popular and most-used form builder due to its user-friendly interface and drag and powerful drop features.       
  • Jot form offers custom-built themes and templates which can be modified and personalized conveniently.  Pre-made templates save the time of the user as well as give more ideas about design and form building.
  • It allows you to develop the PDF forms that could be filled up and also you are able to receive the response in your mailbox.    
  • This form builder is unified with various payment gateways like PayPal, Square, stripe, and many more.   
  • Users are capable of getting connected with Jot form and carrying on their form-building and customizing activities no matter where they are and which device they are using. As well as Jotform supports many popular browsers such as google chrome, Firefox, Brave, and more. 
  • The utilization of personalized and branding tools assists in developing the forms to match the level and tradition of the organizations or sole ownership.
  • The leading features of the Jot form reduce the complexities of daily work with the automation of heavy tasks that directly saves the time and labor of the builders.     
  • If you are facing, customer queries and difficulties with other Form builder services, Jot form is always available and gives quick support via email.   

Plans and Pricing of Jotform

Jotform has both paid and free pricing and plans.


Users can register free of cost to test the form builder. in a free plan, Jotform allows up to 100 submissions. This is a great start to give a try.

Paid plans start from $34 to $99 if you upgrade their yearly plans.

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