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IPLocation.net is an online tool that helps you detect a person’s geographical address with the help of their IP address. You can also look at their other geographical data with the help of it.

IP Location.net

Features of IPlocation.net

Here are some of the features of IPlocation.net

1. IP Address Location

The primary objective of IP location.net is to provide you with information about the geographical location of the IP address provided to it.

Information such as country, region, latitude, longitude, and city, all come under the details provided through IP address.

2. Map

Users can easily visualize the geographical location as the IP location.net website includes a map.

Users can use this to get an overview of the area associated with the IP.

The integration of the map aids in easy overlooks of the area coverage and gives you a clear picture of the geographical region.

3. IP Address Details

You can easily view your IP address details, including your IP location, hostname, ISP platform, browser, screen size, and many more.

4. Hidden IP

You can easily hide your IP address with the use of a VPN. You get the option of hiding your IP with a VPN in the website itself which you can click and get access to.

You can even change your IP address on the website itself.

If you want to hide your IP address you can easily be anonymous by using VPN and you can easily protect your own identity.

5. Tools

The IP location.net website provides tools like searching a person, inspecting suspicious mail, inspecting suspicious links, and verifying email addresses. This can come in handy to inspect suspicious accounts.

6. DNS Lookup Tool

IP location.net also provides DNS lookup tools that help you search the root server and identify the TLD and DNS server responsible for returning DNS records.

7. Bulk IP Geolocation

IP location.net services allow users to perform bulk lookups. You can provide information on multiple IP addresses at once to get a bulk of details in a short period.


In summary, IPlocation.net is a valuable online tool that enables users to determine the geographical location associated with an IP address.

Its features include providing detailed information about the country, region, latitude, longitude, and city linked to a given IP.

The website also offers a visual representation through maps for easy comprehension of the geographical area.

Users can explore their own IP details, including location, hostname, ISP platform, browser, and screen size.

Additionally, the platform allows users to hide their IP addresses using a VPN directly on the website, ensuring anonymity and identity protection.

IPlocation.net further extends its utility with tools for searching individuals, inspecting suspicious emails and links, and verifying email addresses.

The inclusion of a DNS lookup tool and bulk IP geolocation services enhances the tool’s functionality, making it a comprehensive solution for IP-related queries.

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