How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Website Traffic?

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Recently, LinkedIn has gained a lot of popularity as a platform to gain career boost, and have industry insight. Moreover, it also is a professional networking and branding platform.

It has also been used by many brands to strengthen their brand identity and drive traffic to their website.

Here are some ways for you to use LinkedIn to increase your traffic on your website.

1. Optimise your profile

Make sure that you are LinkedIn profile is completely professional and includes relevant keywords according to the content you give off on your website.

Using high-quality, informative pictures and compelling headlines can create interest in people to visit your website.

2. Share value content

Your content on LinkedIn can be of great value for recognition of your brand and website content. You can share blogs, post articles about the industry, and other infographics and videos to increase traffic interest in your website.

3. Utilize LinkedIn Plus

LinkedIn Plus is like a premium version where you can reach broader audiences within the LinkedIn community and establish yourself within the industry. This will let people know you for your work and they will likely visit your page.

4. Joining groups

Joining and participating in groups within the LinkedIn community according to your industry or interest can help you a lot.

You can connect to people who are interested in your content and you can enhance your visibility in the group you can also share content and take feedback from the members of the group. These people might be interested in the content here and may visit your website.

5. Engaging with your network

When you establish a network on LinkedIn you can engage with your connections by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. This makes you visible in their feeds and encourages them to reciprocate when you share your content.

6. Using hashtags wisely

Using hashtags can be good for your website’s traffic flow. Using relevant has tags you are visibility can increase beyond the immediate network.

You can use trending hashtags within your industry and strategically place them into your content to reach out to large audiences.

7. Boost at optimal time

You can know right away the engagement amount while posting at a particular time of day. Make sure that you post why your audience is mostly active and engaged on LinkedIn. With the help of LinkedIn analytics, you can see the performance of your post.

8. Promote your content

There are ad options on LinkedIn to promote your content to a targeted audience. Sponsored content and text ads can also help you reach people who may be interested in your offering and website content.


LinkedIn has gained popularity over time and can be of great help to promote your content and engage people on your website.

By using hashtags and in optimum time you can promote your content to larger audiences with the help of LinkedIn. There are options like LinkedIn ads and analytics that help you reach many people and track the success of your post.

Sharing valuable content can also gain you a lot of traffic to your website.

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