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Chatbot is an AI software application designed for the ease of users. It generates automated messages to answer any queries and concerns and address users’ problems in a personal way, without the expense of a human representative.

Here are some of the best life chatbots for your website.


Dialogflow is one of the most popular chatbots by Google that is capable of generating messages that are easy to understand.

It is also integrated with Google Cloud services and is suitable for businesses looking for an AI-driven chat box. It sources video purposes from customer support to virtual assistants.

You can create chatbot responses including text, images, buttons, etc. to engage and interact with users and provide event responses.

It also offers inbuilt agents that serve as a starting point for building your chat box.

Hubspot live chat

Hubspot live chat is a feature included in Hotspot’s tool kit. It includes many features that will help you to customize the life-changing design according to your website scholars and branding.

Besides that, its AI chat board also provides powerful marketing tools such as segmentation cards, abandonment emails, templates, and in-depth analytical data.


Tidio is a live chat platform that allows you to communicate directly with your clients using various chatbots.

It comes with an easy dashboard, that helps you to interact with users. You can also generate automated messages to answer customer’s questions.

It is also customizable and integrates WordPress, Shopify, and more. It provides shortcuts for weekly responses and real-time user tracking.

Its pricing starts from $49 per month and includes three users. They also have free plans that do not include chatbots.


Drift is a multilingual artificial intelligence bot designed to help businesses qualify leads and work meetings. It can be of use for all sizes of businesses, looking for a sales chatbot.

It lets you combine live chat and automobile chat box and integration with many third-party tools such as Help Scout. Its pricing costs $400 monthly, which includes five users.


Intercom is another chat box that is best known for its customization features.

It starts with the pricing of $74 per month. Intercom also provides customized logos, custom email templates, and audience targets and integration.

It also has an add-on that includes products for WhatsApp and surveys. It also has people’s support for businesses.

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