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Search engine optimization also known as SEO is significant in attracting traffic to your website. SEO involves several components for better visibility of the website and its ranking in the search engine.

Checklist for search engine optimization

Creating a checklist for search engine optimization involves listing out different components of the website and how they can be optimized.

1. Keyword research

Make sure that you have relevant keywords according to the context of your website. You can consider words that users mostly search for i.e. words with high search volume.

2. Title tags

You can include targeted keywords in the title tag and keep it under 60 characters to boost search engine optimization.

3. Meta descriptions 

You can keep limited words under 155 characters as meta descriptions that include those targeted keywords.

4. Heading

To make your content look structural you can use headings and tags which include targeted keywords according to their relevancy in the context of your website.

5. URL Structure

Structure your URL so that it is SEO-friendly. You can also include targeted words and use hyphens to separate words in the URL making it easy to read and remember.

6. Content optimization

You can make relevant content by using natural words. The length of your content can also determine your search engine optimization ranking. Make sure that the content is high quality and easy to understand.

7. Image optimization

The images used in the content for your website can contribute to the ranking of your website in search engines. You can optimize the image file by its name, and you can also compress the image for faster loading time.

8. Mobile friendliness

After designing a website you need to ensure its responsiveness, functionality, and layout on any kind of device or screen including mobile phones as most people use their mobiles to visit websites or surf the internet.

9. Site speed

Minimising CSS, JavaScript, and HTML can improve page loading speed. You can also use a content delivery network to improve your site’s speed.

10. Site structure

Structural your site in a logical manner by using internal links and relating one paragraph to another. Using internal linking to connect another relatable phase can also boost your search engine optimization.

11.XML site map

You can create and submit an XML site map to the search engine for an efficient search of your website in the search engine.

12. Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a file that can be optimized to control your websites for controlling your search engine crawling.

13. SSL certificate

Secure Socket layer also known as SSL holds the data of browsers who view or interact with your page. You can ensure that the website is secure with https.

14. Backlink Profile

The use of high quality from an authority website can also have been search engine optimization. Make sure that you are not using low-quality or spammy backlinks.

15. Social signals

To increase your brand visibility you can use social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram and share your content there.

16. Local SEO

You can list your brand in Google My Business listing to optimize your brand at a local level. Make sure that your website has a positive review which aids more in SEO.

17. Google Analytics

You can set up Google Analytics to track website traffic and the behavior of your users with your website.

18. Search consoles

To monitor and get feedback on your website performance, and search queries you can use Google Console. Regular monitoring and bringing positive change to your website can also help boost your website’s rank in search engines.

19. Keyword ranking

You can monitor your SEO ranking and your progress by tracking the keywords ranking in the search engine.

20. Regular auditing

Conducting regular audits to identify the areas for improvement and regulating any changes required can also be search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization is important for a website to be visible to the audiences and attract visitors to the website.

You can do this by creating a checklist of different components for search engine optimization on page searching in optimization which may include keywords, research, title tags, and descriptions.

Mobile-friendliness, site speed, structure SSL certificate backlink, and regular monitoring and analysis can also help you boost your search engine optimization.

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