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YoutubetoMp3 Converter for free: Youtube is one of the most popular video websites on this planet. It is a powerful video search engine. You can find any kind of video on youtube. People like to save youtube videos as audio files on their device to make its uses for offline purposes and youtubetomp3 convertors are born.

Mp3 files are audio files that can be accessed from any music player from any device like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

Here I will discuss “How you can convert any youtubetomp3 file” using my favorite youtubetomp3 convertor.

There are hundreds of youtubetomp3 tools available in the market. And some are free and some are paid. Basically, it is always better if we have free tools.

Read the steps to convert youtubetomp3 for free.


Y2 Mate guru is one of the most popular youtubetomp3 converter tools which is completely free to use online.

This is not software and user do not need to download and install to make working. You can use this tool for free online.

There are lots of features of these tools :

1. More than 20 thousand positive reviews from users.

2. When you convert youtubetomp3 file, They allow you to choose different quality options to download.

3. This is completely free to download. You may see some ads that might be an irritating factor for some users. But it is ok if it gives better results.

3. Beside youtubetomp3 convertor, They also allow you to convert youtube to mp4 and you can also save youtube video directly on your device.

Steps to Convert Youtube to Mp3

There are simple and short steps to convert youtubetomp3 files from these tools.

  • Copy the youtube video that you want to convert.
  • Paste the copied URL to the search box of these tools.
  • Youtubetomp3 file is now finally ready to download. Hit the download button to save the mp3 file.

“Let me show you a practical example”

There are many similar domain extension that looks similar to this website.

The correct one is: and check the image above to confirm.

youtube to mp3

Go to the official website and you can choose any video link for converting youtubetomp3.

3. Paste The Youtube Video URL to Convert YouTubetoMp3 file


Copy the youtube video URL and past to Y2mate as shown in the above image.

And Click Start. Now you will see different options to download your youtube2mp3 file. (360.mp4, 720.mp4, 1080.mp4) etc. Click Download.

Conclusion For YouTubetoMp3 Converter

I hope this works for you too. Please note once you convert youtubetomp3 you can use it for your personal or educational purpose and I do not recommend sharing and distributing anywhere without the permission of the video creator.

There are many youtubetomp3 software available which are paid.

Those paid versions may have extra benefits like editing, cutting, and mixing sound. But these tools are best for those who are willing to use for free.

I love to hear back from you in a comment about “which tool you use to convert youtubetomp3.” 

Resources for Convertor Tools


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