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Among numerous online sales, Amazon is the top e-commerce site of the world whose principal theme is AI(Artificial Intelligence), cloud computing, online retailing, and automated streaming.

Going to the history of Amazon, it has grown to an international online selling platform consisting of a huge variation of products from different parts of the world starting from a bookseller.

Now it has grown to a huge international technology organization with about 798000 workers according to Statista. (from 2007 to 2019)

Also, Amazon has its own electronic products displayed on the platform for sale.

Amazon is more secure for buyers due to its strong platform, excellent customer support, and trustable brand.

Besides these I have listed more features below:

1. Secure in Transaction and Privacy

The monetary transactions and the private details of the customers are given high priority and are highly protected and secured.

They never mean to misuse the privacy of customers and do not aim to hurt their feelings.

2. Personal Information of Buyer are Protected

In Amazon, consumers are not questioned about their private information like mailing address, phone number, etc because they never contact consumers via email or calls.

3. Buyers can see others purchase experience

To ensure secure purchase buyers can view the feedback and review by other buyers, history of sellers, product quality, delivery time, after-sale service, customer support during and after the transactions, etc.

4. Buyer can Report 

Further consumers are free to state and make a report if they feel any activity fraud or if they are forced to pay through another payment method.

So amazon can be regarded as a convenient, safe, and secured eCommerce site with an easy and safe method of payment.

You are the only person that is responsible and need to be conscious of any fraudulent activities that may appear in between shopping even after the safety facilities and moves by Amazon.

You can follow communication guidelines from amazon too.

Extra Tips and Security Guidelines for Amazon Buyer

  • Your system needs to be protected from viruses and hackers by not responding to the unnatural and junk messages by a spammer.
  • Installing anti-virus from a trusted source, altering passwords each time if logged in on untrustable sites, etc.
  • Amazon sellers need to be careful and extra aware of the passwords. You need to create a strong, unguessable password and the password used in one site should not be similar to the other site.
  • Make habit of log out your information from the device if you have logged in on a public device. Or, You can avoid using such information that can be easily guessed or obtained in a password.
  • For your credit card safety, you can follow some measures like: do not reveal details of credit cards to the seller while performing the transactions, always keeping them private.
  • Also if you are receiving emails frequently asking for your personal or transactional information and if they send you with the Amazon link which leads you to a site other than Amazon then you can be careful and have the right to report such sender to amazon as soon as you can.

Amazon is a very safe place to buy the products online as it works on customer security but it is also your duty to be watchful and cautious and act smartly if any fraud seller appears.

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