Tips Before Choosing the Right Hosting – Hosting Definitions

Web Hosting is the service on the internet where any organization or person is allowed to post and create a webpage and store a website containing such as text, graphics, and different data.

So to backup all website data you need the right hosting. Choosing the best web host is a difficult task for every business. Because niche may not be familiar with all the features and the right hosting that they need. And before committing to any service provider one should check for the reliability, availability, and security of their server.

An unstable network or weak server can end up making your content less visible, negative ranking on a search engine, Bad user experience, or offline often. Well, You know about the web host definition. And in this post, you will learn more about what is VPS hosting and VPS hosting meaning too.

For an e-commerce retailer or a new website that needs extra power in the performance to handle all the extra traffic then you need a virtual private server VPS. What is VPS? “A virtual private server is also a virtual machine and it is rented or sold by host companies”. Some of the benefits of VPS are Greater Control, scalability, and low price.

It’s very important to choose the host that protects your website from hackers. You have to make sure that the vendor scans viruses or malware in a certain time period. I hope you understand hosting definition and meaning of hosting. 

How to Choose the Right Hosting

So if you want to make a profit in the long term then choosing the cheapest vendor is not the best idea. You have to compare the price after acknowledging the features that each host provides.

Therefore, before choosing the best web host you have to do research and acquire the full information about the choices that are on the online market. This would help you to choose the best that fits your needs.

It could take your time to select better among the best. Before you choose a host, Make sure what platform you are using to develop a website. It can be either WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or from code.

For your blog you may need a large space but for a simple business or personal website with few pages. You do not require more space.

If a company offers something that may be important for you then you can go with that provider. Finally, here are some  important things to remember is: 

1. Compare Hosting Plans and Pricing

how to choose best hosting

As there are lots of hosting companies available on the internet. It is always important to know how much is their cost. And Make sure to check price reviews from different sources and try to compare and choose one that is budget-friendly. 

2. Know About the Renew Cost

There might be some hidden terms and conditions. For example, you see the first-year price is USDX and from next year price may be higher. Make sure to check their terms and conditions before upgrading.

3. Check Refund Policy on Hosting Website

Purchasing hosting is often different compared to purchasing a theme. These companies give the ability to look at reviews before buying them. But web host is not such kind.

Once you purchase hoasting. You may be unsatisfied with their features. Or, It may not be compatible with your website.

In such a case, It will be easier if they can able to provide a full refund. So make sure to check their refund policy.

4. Site Backup

best hosting tips

As the internet grows and there are lots of bad people who may try to attack or hack your website.

You must use different security on your website. But it is always good to maintain and create a daily backup.

Backup is also useful to recover your lost data. It happens sometimes when updating. So, Always check the website host provider gives you backup features or not.

5. Technical and Live Support

how to choose best hosting

Support is always important. Companies provide different kinds of support like via contact form or by submitting tickets or phone support. My personal favorite is live chat support. Make sure they can provide good support in the future.

6. Features/Add ons

You may need more domains in the future. It is always good to have multiple domains in the same hosting for different reasons like cost-saving or Maintaining domains from a single Cpanel. Make sure, your website host company gives add-on features. 

7. Check Customer review & Testimonials

Always try to check customer testimonials, ratings, or reviews. Reviews based on customer experience helps to read the advantage and drawbacks of particular companies that you are going to choose.

8. Check Email Features

ways to choose best hosting

Meaning of hosting means not only for website. Also, it is important to know the email services how they are providing.

Email plays a vital role in your website and online business. After the website setup, you obviously need an email for communication. Most of the hosting companies provide email services. But make sure to check space and how many emails you can set up.

9. Control Panel Features

The website designer or owner always needs a flexible environment and It can be possible through the control panel. You can do different tasks like file modification, Access files, and databases, Create website backup, Add subdomains, and a lot more.

Make sure the companies provide you with the control panel too.

10. Scalability/Room to grow in Future

If you want to sell more products or create too many posts and pages. And have chosen a small hosting package, You obviously need to scale your space and capacity in the future. In these conditions, Make sure website hosting companies can able to upgrade more features and space if needed.

Pros and Cons of Web Hosting

Pros of Web Hosting:

  • You will get proper backup and security for your website if you have good hosting.
  • Good hosting always helps search engine to rank your website.
  • Can fight against heavy traffic or visitors coming at a time.

Cons of Web Hosting:

  • If you have bad web host, You may loose data due to improper website backup and failed in restoration.
  • Lack of server maintenance may cause problems like slow speed and bad user-experience.
  • You will get high bounce rate and maximum chances of site hacked.


1. What is Shared hosting?

  • You already know hosting definition. Well, shared web-host service is based on many websites on one web server connected to the Internet. This kind of hosting plans are cheaper and cost-saving. You can use shared hosting if you have limited budget.

2. What is VPS hosting or host?

  • You may have questions about what is VPS hosting and why its important: Virtual private network hosting helps to secure your files and increase the speed of the website. Read more about what is VPS hosting here.

3. Why is CDN important?

  • My personal features why I love CDN is content delivery network(CDN) helps to increase site speed.

4. I am not sure which host service to use?

  • It all depends on your requirement and business. If you are using WordPress CMS to design your website or blog. I highly recommend using manged WordPress hosting. The best example of WordPress hosting is easy-wp. Click here to see how I personally setup my WordPress website with easywp.

Conclusion on What is Website Hosting

When I plan to design a website for the first time, I had different questions in my mind like: Which platform to use, what is the best theme to design a website, what kind of hosting should I choose.

I tried different services and lost money and lots of time selecting the bad one.
I read some tips from different bloggers and ask myself what is my actual requirement?

Similarly, It is really important to understand what is your actual requirement too. So don’t rush and first make some research before choosing the right hosting for your business.

I hope you understand all about what is VPS hosting, Hosting definition, and how to choose a website host.

The website addresses and hosting are home for your internet business. You need your home stronger to tackle natural disasters.

Similarly, every website should have strong hosting, and make sure to choose the best one depending on your website traffic and requirements.


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