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Affiliated Marketing is marketing model where company shares commission for the sales that is generated by third party person or companies. They may be person, Designers, Freelancers, Blogger or Agencies.

How Does Affiliated Marketing Works?

how affiliated works
How Does Affiliated Marketing Works – Info-graphics

The image above image is the quick overview of how does affiliate marketing works

Affiliated marketing is best for a person who is focusing on performance-based revenue. But the rate of success of the job depends on the knowledge and tactics used by the affiliates.

There are different methods of affiliated marketing some examples are:

  • Creating a landing page of product or services. And driving traffic with different techniques such as SEO (Search engine optimization). Facebook paid marketing, and Email marketing.
  • Physically by sharing product thoughts and reviews.
  • And through a webinar by selling value first.

To bring affiliated marketing in practice. There must be the involvement of three parties and they are sellers, marketers, and the consumer.

The seller can be a retailer with a product willing to sell or a large organization with a huge amount of goods. So the marketers are either an individual or a company. That promotes someone else’s products to earn a commission.

But consumers also play an equal role in affiliated marketing. As they are the person with whom affiliates share the product through websites or blogs. And the amount of profit that the seller and marketer share comes from the products. Those products are purchased by consumers.

What Are Affiliate Program Types

The affiliate gets paid in various ways as per the rules of the seller or product creators like:

  • Pay as per click (based on maximum website traffic)
  • Earn while capturing lead and,
  • Per sale (By calculating how much products sold). 

The way of promoting and advertising the product varies with different affiliate marketers. Because of their different marketing strategies.

Some of the Great Marketplace to Start Affiliated Marketing

1. ClickBank

affiliated platforms

There are many good digital products to start with click bank. And It is very popular for bloggers and people who are willing to start without a website.

2. Share a Sale

affiliated platforms for blogger

Find both physical and digital products to sell by joining this network. It is quite hard to get approved on this marketplace.

3. Amazon Associates

what is affiliated marketing

Because millions of products in the amazon associates program comes from amazon. And there are hundreds of people earning through this network.
So some best example of amazon affiliates is, You can able to create a store-based website to sell Amazon products.

4. CJ Affiliates

affiliated marketing

CJ is the best platform for sellers and affiliated marketers. You can choose or access to multiple products by joining this single network.

5. Wix Affiliates

what is affiliated marketing

Wix is a powerful website builder platform where people can design a stunning website. Wix affiliates can refer Wix products to friends and clients. And Wix affiliate is the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of Affiliated Marketing


  • Affiliated marketing is the best and quick way to start earning online. You do not have to worry about stock and inventory.
  • These businesses need less investment because it does not require to produce any products.
  • Either you can market physical and digital products.


  • Marketers need to be dependent on any products and rules before marketing affiliated products.
  • And client relationship building will not be direct with the marketer. Because you are giving leads and traffic to your affiliate partner.

FAQ On Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work

1. Do I need a website to start affiliate marketing?

  • A website is always better to have. If you have a good audience and followers on social media like, YouTube and Instagram, It helps to promote affiliate products easily.

2. How long-lasting is affiliated marketing? And what is an affiliate link?

  • So it all depends on your affiliate partner how long they want to run this program. But there are hundreds of affiliate products and services you can find online to promote. An affiliate link is a tracking link that is provided by your affiliated partner.

3. Does the affiliated program give long-term revenue?

  • There are short term and long term revenue sharing. Some companies like hosting offer monthly basis commission, Once a customer comes from your link and purchase monthly or yearly plans. Your revenue will be long term. It depends on their policy.

4. Can I start affiliated marketing from any country?

  • Most of the affiliated marketing programs can be started from anywhere in the world. But make sure to check eligibility and their terms before joining.

In the above article you learned about what is affiliate marketing, What is an affiliate link and how does it work.

Home-based work is always the best way to spend life with family. Most of the affiliated program is possible online with proper internet and a laptop. And You can achieve freedom of life as an online freelance marketer.

The Internet is growing and there are lots of opportunities to target any kind of market and products that fits you.

But I highly recommend selling value is most important rather than sharing links randomly. And random link sharing may be a bad experience for your customer.

So always try to write any product review and give the best value to your customer before promoting any affiliated links.

And also feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.

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