7 Best Small SEO Tools For in 2022

In this post, you will learn about my small list of SEO tools, small tools plagiarism, small SEO tools keyword and small SEO tools grammar checker that can help your niche website for ranking on search engines like google and bing. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way of increasing the visibility of the web page that leads to an increase in traffic of the website and blog.

And once you set up and optimize your website SEO properly, It will give long-term results on your site. SEO tools assist to make the work more convenient and effective.

And these tools play a great role in optimizing the website for search engines like Google, Baidu, AOL, and Bing. It is always important to use at least one small SEO checker for your website.

Search engine optimization tools are those tools or software that help the users to perform tasks and step up getting organic traffic in the process of search engine optimization.

Choosing the right tools for the business can be a difficult task at the beginning but it is highly recommended. 

There are numerous SEO tools available in the market and five of them are discussed below.

Some of My Best and Small SEO Tools I use

1. Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

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Google search console is the SEO tool that is always the first choice for every beginner. Because of its user-friendly nature and it could be a great initial point to get knowledge about the process of analysis of web pages.

  • It is helpful to submit a sitemap, finding and fixing website SEO errors, see backlinks, and more.
  • Also this tool has a set of valuable information that could explain the principle of Google search. 
  • Google webmaster tool assists you to find and understand the particular keywords that could increase the volume of traffic on your site. 
  • Webmaster tool provides you with ways to improve the performance and also accompany you with the information on the number of clicks generated by each keyword. 
  • In total, it gives you information about your website that includes its performance and probable problems.

2. SEMrush SEO toolkit

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SEMrush SEO toolkit is an advanced SEO tool that helps you to get detailed information about the report of keyword analysis as a keyword research tool accessible from the SEMrush dashboard. 

It also gives you detail about the domain you manage and provides you a summary of the SEO strategies of competitors in the digital market. 

And with the use of this toolkit, You can view your rank in the competition because this tool compares and evaluate the performance of the web-page. 

Here are some of the features of SEMrush:

  • Analyze your competitor’s SEO strategy.
  • It Helps to run a technical SEO audit to your website.
  • Research about millions of keyword and you can know more ideas and,
  • Helps to track your website ranking daily basis.

And this tool also gives some solutions and ideas to improve the performance of the website.

3. SEO Spider (Screaming Frog SEO Spider)

SEO spider is another best SEO tool that has great crawling features and is mostly utilized by huge industry leaders. 

Some of the features of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider are:

  • Find your website or blog broken links.
  • SEO Spider to analyze page titles and metadata.
  • These tools also discover duplicate content of blogs and the website.
  • It will Easily generate XML sitemaps.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool online and the second-largest tool to crawl the websites after Google. 

Ahrefs has an audit feature that has fascinated every SEO expert around the world and also they have great community support.

It assists you to get the best rank because it suggests the weak part of your website that requires more improvement. 

It can be the best option as an SEO tool due to its accessibility to the keyword, tracking rank, research about competitors, and many more. 

It also helps to determine the backlinks of competitors that you can utilize as the starting point of your brand.

5. KWFinder

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KWFinder is an SEO keyword tool that assists in discover long-tail keywords that have low competition in the market. 

Many SEO experts utilize this tool to acknowledge the best keyword and to analyze backlinks reports. 

This tool has become one of the famous tools on the market for its accuracy of keywords difficulty and user-friendly features. 

6. Grammarly

small seo tools for traffic

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker for checking errors and mistakes of your article. And small tools plagiarism checker. Grammar and language are also things to be considered for search engines. If you have lots of mistake in language and article quality, Ranking will not be in good position.

Grammarly also gives plagiarism checker to check either your content is high quality of not. There is free as well as paid version available from their website. Paid has more features but for testing you can register and see how it works.

7. Small SEO Tools

small seo tools

This is another SEO tool that helps a lot to website designers for different tasks like a rank checker, word counter, favicon designer, and lot. You can visit their official website from here.

This is one of my favorite and uses in daily life. You can use their software web-based for free without any limitations. There are lots of tools available inside the “Small SEO Tools” website, such as Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Grammer Check, Word counter, Spell-checker, Paraphrasing tool, MD5 Generator, and a lot.

Pros and Cons of SEO Tools

Pros of SEO Tools:

  • SEO Tools helps to save lots of time for SEO Experts and site owners.
  • It helps to analyse and look competitors ranking and give different ideas about content, Backlinks, Traffic from certain keywords etc.
  • SEO Tools helps to create proper content strategy before creating content and,
  • This helps to create audit report of website by analyzing SEO.

Cons of SEO Tools:

  • You may loose your writing and grammar skills by depending on software only.
  • Some business and website owner may not like these tools because of their keyword, content traffic, backlink source are visible by their competitors.
  • Most of SEO tools and small tools plagiarism checker are not free so It may be difficult to niche bloggers / website owners to purchase the premium version.

FAQ on SEO Tools

1. Will SEO tools do everything to rank my website?

  • There are many tools available in the market. Each feature is almost similar but some are different too. But At least you need to have basic SEO knowledge before using these tools. Such as what is backlinks, keywords, incoming links, etc. You cannot be fully dependent on SEO tools but it always helps a lot to rank a website.

2. Should my website be on WordPress to use SEO?

  • No, your website should be on any platform. But some SEO tools small like Yoast are only built for WordPress. And using Yoast tools, Your website will be super friendly on search engines.

3. Is there any guide to reading SEO for Free?

  • Yes you can find many, But I recommend you read Neil Patel Blog

Conclusion Of SEO Tools

After designing a website or blog, It is always important to rank a website on search engines. More traffic means you are getting more leads, sales, and profit.

As we are humans and all the checklists and complex analyses may be harder for us. But we always need tools and machines to make work smoothly. Because It always saves time and confusion. Choosing the right SEO tools small for every website is most important to succeed in your online journey.

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