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Movies on Netflix are very popular these days. In this article, We will discuss the features of Netflix, Reasons why movies of Netflix are so popular and It’s review.

Netflix is the online service of broadcasting international movies and TV series that can be viewed through the internet on any device like a laptop, smart TV, mobile phones, etc by paying a certain amount as a subscription fee. Movies in the Netflix are very high quality comparing to other similar service provider.

After purchasing the subscription users can watch any movies on Netflix unlimitedly.

Also, the subscriber can save the videos if they want to watch later in their favorite list or download the movies or series on their device which can be watched even without an internet connection later.

Moreover, before subscription users can able to enjoy the free trial which makes it easy to decide whether they are impressed enough to pay for the service in the future or not.

Netflix offers the content in various languages as well as segments the videos in different categories like award-winning shows, comedy, romantic, thriller, emotional, documentaries, etc.

Netflix has also a powerful video search engine within the platform which helps to find any movies for the users quickly and easily. There are hundreds of best movies on Netflix that release every month.

The option for subtitles and the languages in Netflix facilitates international viewers to watch the videos from different countries and also it displays videos in HD quality.

It is simple to use and the movies and shows on Netflix are broadcasted without advertisements which helps to watch continually without any disturbance and ad irritation for users.

Moreover, Netflix is economical which can be afforded by anyone where the price of the membership depends upon the plan you choose.

Membership plans have three categories; Basic, Standard, and Premium Plan where basic has a low price with low features and premium has a high price.

It means, Netflix also cares about pricing based subscription so all kind of users can access and afford to video database and enjoy watching. Also they recommend best movies to watch on Netflix reading user behavior as suggested or recommended movies.

Altogether Netflix is a great entertainment destination that offers Films/movies and TV series of the best quality. And can be accessed worldwide for watching Netflix’s best movies.

movies on netflix

Netflix has become one of the famous movie service providers of the world.

It aims at delivering unlimited amounts of videos for entertainment and fun purposes.

Netflix has always aimed to offer the best quality features for its subscribers so that they can enjoy with great satisfaction.

It regularly updates with the latest and most preferred movies and shows.

And it also has content like Netflix movies and a series of its own brand that makes it extra from all its competitors.

Netflix is the terminus for anyone despite their choice of movies and shows because it is able to deliver the content of every category with different languages.

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There are numerous features of Netflix that makes it powerful and popular among millions of its users. Any eleven of them are discussed below:

1. Netflix has an Easy and user-friendly Interface and Dashboard

One of the features of Netflix that have aided to make it popular among many people is its easy and user-friendly interface and Netflix clean dashboard.

Netflix is a very straightforward, simple to understand, and easy to use application by anyone.

It is such an app that can be used by children to elder people because it does not contain vague or complex processes.

Setting up Netflix on the device is effortless as you have to do nothing much.

To enjoy the shows and movies on Netflix either users just have to go to the Netflix official site which is or get the application on your device for free from your applications store. Or simply access through a browser.

And make the account on Netflix which requires a Gmail or any email address and a strong password for security reasons.

After completing such activities users need to subscribe to various plans by paying and enjoy the service of Netflix without getting any advertisements.

Moreover, Netflix has organized every video on the basis of its category which makes it uncomplicated to search and watch the content as per desire.

Netflix dashboard by paid members can be changed and customized upon their need.

Users can also able to view their progress of watch history, watch the stats of the time they have watched, and earn and look over the badges they have earned within an account.

2. Ability to Turn off autoplay features

While watching any TV shows or film on Netflix it offers the options for autoplay where either you can enable autoplay the previous video or autoplay the next episode or next video in the row and also it autoplay the trailers of a film on Netflix.

Though movies taylor on Netflix is useful, But it can be irritating or disturbing for other people so Netflix makes it possible to disable or turn off whenever users want it.

You can follow these steps to turn off the Auto-play features in Netflix:

  • From your web browser login to your Netflix account and go to the “My account” page.
  • Open > Profile & Parental Controls settings for that profile which you want to manage.
  • Go to the playback setting and change it.
  • Now check or uncheck the autoplay option and finally save the setting.

3. Users are able to Skip Introductions

When you are watching some series or wish to watch new Netflix movies but you are annoyed with the introductions or boring titles. This might be irritation to some users.

To solve these problems, users on Netflix are able to skip introductions easily before watching the main content of the videos.

This helps to save time for users as well as many people do not wish to see introductions so far.

Introductions of heavy length bother more especially when you are the active viewer who loves to watch Netflix for a longer span of time.

Netflix has developed the feature where users can just skip the introduction with one click by clicking the ‘Skip Intro’ option that is located at the bottom of the device screen.

This button takes you directly to the main content and lets you enjoy your shows without any inconvenience by skipping the lengthy beginning.

4. Movies on Netflix is Mobile Friendly and can be watched through any device

These days users prefer any content to be compatible with all kinds of devices.

Similarly, The mobile-friendly nature is a very useful and powerful feature of Netflix too.

Netflix is also such an application or website which can be watched through any device that can be connected to the wifi connection from anywhere.

Devices Like computers, laptops, smartphones, and smart TV are the most popular mediums to view Netflix videos.

In computers and laptops, users need to go to the Netflix Official Site from their browser and log in to their account.

Whereas in other devices they need to get or install the Netflix application from the app store and enjoy the best movies by sign in or logging their Netflix account.

Also, you need to make sure that the device you are willing to get Netflix on is capable of getting connected with the wifi connection.

But it is important for the users to pay money for the Netflix premium plan before watching a movie.

5. Easy Search Bar to find any content inside the Netflix platform

Netflix is an easy to use application that provides a simple search bar to find out any content that is available inside the Netflix platform.

Users are able to search with the name of the video by going to the search bar that is located at the top of the screen of Netflix in an application.

These search boxes are very powerful to find any movies or video easily and quickly.

Also, it is helpful even if you don’t know the name of the series, films, or Netflix Original movies because you can search for the desired content with the name of the actors or directors too.

Moreover, Netflix has made it convenient by classifying the content on the basis of their categories so users can also search by typing the categories in search tabs like comedy, thriller, mysterious, emotional, etc, and enjoy their movies.

Netflix search bar makes their platform more user friendly and convenient.

6. Users can access virtual reality (VR) on Netflix

Another feature of Netflix that has made it powerful is due to “its accessibility to virtual reality(VR) with Netflix VR apps.”

Now users are able to watch VR content on their smartphones which can support it.

This VR service of Netflix is accessible in all those areas and regions where Netflix is available.

In “Virtual reality” also the users can search for the content in the search bar as other videos and series, movies.

Also, documentaries can be watched in the resolution of 480p.

The VR service of Netflix is satisfactory and the viewers can enjoy the content with the use of VR headphones.

7. Download shows and movies on Netflix to watch offline

Among the worthwhile features of Netflix, the ability to download shows and movies to watch offline is one of the best features that I personally love.

Netflix is an online app or series which requires an internet connection to operate or stream shows and best movies.

This created difficulties to watch and enjoy the videos for those people who have a weak internet connection, or who want to watch videos while traveling or while visiting such places where the internet cannot be connected.

That’s why Netflix has developed the feature where its users are facilitated to download the Netflix movies, Netflix series, and documentaries.

Now people can easily pass their leisure time when they are alone with the offline video features on Netflix.

But though Netflix has given the ability to download the videos, some videos can not be downloaded due to the restriction by the authority of such videos.

Before downloading videos you need to keep in mind that your device should be connected to the internet.

Here are the ways on how to download Netflix movies offline:

  • Open your Netflix app, log in to your account and tap the download option.
  • Select the download option that is available on your device. (Note: Options may be different depending on your device).
  •  Choose movies or TV shows.
  • By going to the descriptions page, Tap Download.

8. “Setup and use with keyword shortcuts” to watch Netflix movies

netflix keyboard shortcut

Image source: Netflix

It is well known that shortcuts are created aiming for convenience and to save the time of lengthy processes. It also acts as a user-friendly interface in any software or application.

Netflix has also developed some default shortcuts to comfort and that can be used while operating the app.

Some of the shortcuts of Netflix are:

  • Play and pause video: Enter and space bar. (But this can be supported in windows 8 and windows 10 apps).
  • Full-Screen Mode: by pressing keyboard “F”.
  • Exit Full-Screen Mode: By clicking “Esc”
  • Mute Mode: Clicking the “M” button.
  • Skipping Intro for Videos: By clicking “S”

And you can see more examples of shortcuts in the image above.

All these shortcuts are useful and handy that definitely reduces the time of users.

Shortcuts are available if you are using Netflix on your laptop or computer.

9. Setting up different quality videos

The next powerful feature of Netflix is the ability to set up different quality videos.

Netflix has developed this feature of managing the quality of videos especially for the users who use Netflix on their mobile phones.

For this, Users need to manage the quality of the videos from good to better to best or from best to good.

It is very simple to set the different quality of videos where you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the App setting by sign in Netflix account.
  • Go to the download section of the video
  • and select “High” for good quality video and “Low” for low quality.

(Note: If you have a low internet connection or low device storage then the low-quality video may be the best option to download.)

No matter which quality you choose. Your price will remain unchanged.

Also, the video of good quality on Netflix is recommended and satisfactory which can be watched very clearly.

10. Change language on your account

When the product is for international users, Language is most important.

Users prefer to watch movies in their native language even if they know the secondary language. Because this is human nature.

Similarly, Netflix is an international website and an application that is widely used by people from different geographical regions of the world.

Similarly, TV shows and movies on Netflix are from different countries in different languages.

One of the popularity of Netflix is due to its language friendly features because it supports more than 20 different languages.

If you do not understand the default language on your Netflix account and need to change the language then click on the ‘Manage Profiles’ option which is displayed in the profile of your account.

There you can find the tab for a language where you can see options for different languages.

Moreover, if you are not understanding the show but you want to watch it then you can turn the subtitle on.

This feature has helped a lot for foreign/international users to watch the videos of different languages.

Facts: Popular Movies and Shows that Netflix Australia reveals:

Netflix Australia reveals

Image Source:

Netflix Australia reveals

Image Source:

Pricing of Netflix

movies of netflix

Image Source: Netflix

It is well known that Netflix is not a free service provider and it charges a certain amount for offering movies, tv-series and documentary films to its users.

Initially, the users are delivered all the videos free of cost for one month as a free trial so that users can get impressed and test their service before the final purchase.

And after the trial is ended, Users need to pay monthly subscription fees.

The three different plans are the Basic plan, Standard plan, and Premium plan.

These plans differ from each other in the context of the service as well as price.

On the basic plan, users need to pay 7.99 USD currency where they get the videos with good quality of 480p and they can enjoy this service only on one screen.

Next on the standard plan viewers need to pay 9.99 USD for the videos of quality better than the basic plan with a resolution of 1080p.

The service of a standard plan can be watched on two screens.

And for premium plans, Netflix charges 11.99 USD to its subscriber where the best video quality is offered with a resolution of Ultra HD.

And in this plan users can share the screen with four devices at the same time.

Under all of these three plans, users can enjoy Netflix without any limits on every device including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and so on without worrying about any commercial advertisements in the videos.

Users can able to switch or change another plan or cancel their service whenever they want.

Facts: Some of the Best Movies on Netflix of All Time and (The Most Watched Movies on Netflix)

  • 2016- Loving
  • 2013- Fruitvale Station
  • 1976- Cool Hand Luke
  • 1990- Goodfellas
  • 2020- His House
  • 2009- Julie & Julia
  • 2020- Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  • 1967- Bonnie and Clyde

Conclusions On Netflix

Netflix is the whole package for entertainment which offers every entertaining material like movies, TV shows, documentary films, Netflix original movies, and clips on Netflix.

It is the one-stop destination for people who are fans of entertainment and don’t want to compromise on the quality of the videos.

It has everything for everyone. For instance, the person who likes horror movies can also choose Netflix and the person who likes real story based movies and shows also pick Netflix.

Because it has every kind of movies from (emotional, romantic, comedy to thriller, sci-fi, horror) and also it has Netflix own original movies and series in best quality.

Netflix can be used by anyone as it is very easy to use and it has organized every video in its own category so that it becomes easy to search or find the desired content on the basis of their category without wasting much time.

“Are you are using Netflix first time? and don’t know What to watch on Netflix?”

Netflix offers the lists of Netflix original films, best movies on Netflix of all the time, movie trailers, new Netflix movies, and the most-watched movies on Netflix.

And also it recommends videos on the basis of the watched history and preference of the users.

Being an online service provider, It also allows downloading the videos offline so that users can enjoy the videos without an internet connection.

Not only that it has prepared the pricing plans from lowest to highest considering the views and conditions of the users.

In premium plans, users get to enjoy the premium features and even can share the screen with four other people which is beneficial for family members.

Moreover, Netflix facilitates international users with different international videos and the ability to change the language on user’s accounts or just in some films.

Netflix is the right destination if you want to enjoy the movies and series most of the time lying on your bed.

But be aware that Netflix doesn’t broadcast live videos or it is not the correct place for sports lovers. It is only a place for fun and enjoyment.

I love to hear from you, What are the top best features of Netflix you like? 🙂 please comment below. If you do not know about Netflix but movie lover, Go and watch Movies on Netflix Right Now. You will enjoy it a lot.

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