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Contacting Facebook support is very essential to get any help regarding Facebook page and account issues. I struggled a lot to find these solutions too.

Does Facebook Have live chat support?

The simple answer is “Yes”

I personally have experience chatting with the Facebook team due to issues on my client’s Facebook business pages. There are many benefits of a Facebook page and account in business and getting live chat is very important.

There were some issues with the “Promote button disabled” and the admin was unable to post any content on their business page. Finally, We solved the issue. I will show the exact way how I contacted Facebook live support for chatting. They also provided me with phone call support along with “live chat support“. It was really a great experience.

How to contact the Facebook live agent / live chat support?

Facebook customer service live chat

Here are the quick steps for contacting Facebook live chat support follow these:

How to contact Facebook support live chat?

  1. Login to Your Facebook Account

    First, Make sure you’re already logged in to your Facebook account. From your browser.

  2. Go to the Facebook Support Page

    You need to go to the Facebook support center. The best way is the link:

  3. Click the Icon

    Now you can see the “blue bubble sticky icon” on your screen click there.How to contact facebook chat

  4. Click Get Started

    Scroll Down, Below the icon clicks to “Get Started”.contacting facebook live support

  5. Click the “Contact Advertising Support Now” Button

    Now you will see the new window. and click the “contact advertising support” now Button.ways of contacting fb live chatting

  6. Select Your Asset or Account

    Now select the Asset and go next.facebook live chat contact

  7. Click “Open In Messenger”

    Once you completed these Asset steps, Click “Open in messenger” and live chat will be opened in your messenger within your logged-in account.
    facebook live chat agent chat

  8. Start Chatting

    Now Facebook chat agent is live in your messenger, you can start chatting to solve your account issues. Or ask them the questions and issues that you are getting in Facebook advertising or on a page.
    chatting with messenger live chat agent

I hope this guide helps you to chat with Facebook live support. Feel free to comment below if this step is working for you.

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