Amazon Customer Service Phone Number USA – Amazon Review

Amazon is the world’s largest, popular, and huge online retailer which is rated as the world’s top online retail service provider as well as it is popular due to amazon’s customer service as customer services of amazon is one of the best support platforms.

It is the global corporation that gives importance to artificial intelligence, electronic commerce, computerized streaming and, cloud services.

Amazon is a popular place that is equally beneficial for both the individual person and the business organization where they can take the benefits of a huge network because of millions of potential consumers and huge traffic on this platform.

Amazon is the single digital platform that offers anything wanted by anyone from foods, electronics, and clothes to furniture, and many more.

Moreover, being a global service provider it is available in many languages and regions of the world (Including Asia, America, Europe, etc).

To sell your products on amazon you can send your products to amazon where amazon keeps those goods in their store, pack them and send them to the consumers and receive the payment for you. Amazon is also great on their customer service and after-sales service and gives you your payment after deducting some amount as commission.

Amazon is the best service provider that focuses more on customer satisfaction rather than competing with its competitors.

You can check more about amazon history on the wiki page.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

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Amazon Prime Video also called “Prime Video” is the service of videos provided by Amazon to their prime subscribers, Where members can access hundreds of videos including famous movies and tv series by purchasing subscriptions.

It is an application that can be installed on any device like mobile or tablets and users need to create an account for themselves so they can subscribe to get access to the numerous videos.

Those who are willing to access this program can log in directly through their web browser too.

In addition to the channels of prime video, users can also subscribe to the television channels like HBO, Cinemax, etc and they are able to cancel them whenever they want to.

And Amazon pr subscribers can also save the videos for offline use which lasts for months after they download them and if they have started watching them then they expire after the period of 48 hours.

Including Amazon’s many products, Prime video is another successful product of this amazon company. 

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What are the Advantages of Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers are those who sell products through the Amazon platform to increase more revenue. Amazon is one of the most popular and beneficial retailers that helps to sell every type of product to anyone.

To become an amazon seller, You need to register on amazon seller central and create an account and wait for acceptance.

Some advantages of Amazon sellers are mentioned below with their description.

become an amazon seller

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1. Amazon will be responsible for product packaging and shipping to customers

Packaging and shipping maybe not be easier for all sellers. It needs more empowerment, cost, time, and management.

Amazon is the online retailing service provider that takes all the responsibility of packaging the products and shipping them to the customers.

For its members, They provide FBA which means “Fulfillment By Amazon” where every activity like storing, packaging, shipping, and receiving payment from the buyers is done by Amazon itself after charging some amount.

Amazon sellers do not have to worry about the effective packaging and transportation of the products and also it saves sellers time, money, and effort.

Buyers can able to track the status of their products once purchased which is more helpful. You can check or track products from here.

Amazon packs every good in their own packaging by amazon branding that increases the trust of the buyers and it ships every kind of product not only in one country but also in foreign countries and is responsible for the safe delivery of the goods.

Moreover, It receives the customers’ feedback and works on further improvement, and gives after-sales service too.

2. Huge traffic

Every new and startup business needs brand awareness and more traffic to identify their products or services in front of the customer’s eyes.

But Amazon is already a leader and itself has millions of monthly traffic on its platform (website).

It means sellers have more opportunities to grow their sales by creating a store inside amazon.

Yes, it is always beneficial to promote products ownself but also amazon traffic helps in extra growth.

It is beneficial for every product sold to give their products to Amazon for sale where they list them in their store and showcase them in front of millions of groups of buyers from more than 150 countries who continuously come in the store and buy the products.

This increases the potential of products to reach and get sold easily and quickly as it receives traffic on its site 24/7 hours.

Resources: Check traffic analysis and SEO (Search engine optimization) tools.

3. Amazon sellers will get strong support from amazon

amazon support center

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Every business needs support no matter if you are a buyer or seller. And amazon help & customer service is strong for both seller and buyer.

One of the essential advantages of Amazon is that it gives strong support and care to sellers. 

Amazon sellers are supported by amazon when they have any difficulty while running their task effectively in Amazon, No matter it is technical, shipping, or any support.

The basic support includes help on queries related to the account and bills, software documentation, guides, marketplace support, etc.

Developer support is necessary when the seller wants to develop and requires mechanical support and guidance on the usage of the amazon features and services.

4. Amazon buyers will trust more buying from amazon which benefits more sales to the seller

As technology and the internet grow, There is a lot of competition in the eCommerce market.

As well as it is also essential to make customers’ data secure. Customers are aware of their data protection and security these days.

Before buying products from any website, It is important to check their privacy policy, terms and conditions, shipping policy, website SSL, and customer review.

Amazon is an online store that aims to provide satisfaction to buyers with quality products and services along with strong security and support.

Amazon spends millions of dollars on developing systems to secure its customer data.

Also, Being a huge and popular platform amazon has earned millions of its customers and their trust in the products they sell.

So it is advantageous for the seller because the buyers trust the brand name of Amazon and purchase more from amazon.

Almost every buyer of amazon is well aware of the fact that Amazon only accepts the products from the sellers that have quality on it as it never compromises on quality and it gives more emphasis on customer service and their satisfaction than on competing with others.

The trust and assurance of Amazon bring the buyers in their online store repeatedly which results in the heavy sales of every kind of goods that benefits the seller.

If you need any assistant, feel free to contact Amazon support.

Resources: How to write article if you are creating product descriptions.

5. No need to worry about marketing a lot and for amazon customer service

Online competition is growing and users too. It is a fact that More competition results in more expensive advertising costs.

There are many popular online ads like google ads, Facebook ads, bing ads, and many others.

Even these advertising platform are popular and gives effective sales result but may not be beneficial for those who have a low marketing budget.

So amazon sellers should not worry about marketing their products a lot.

There are many online retailers and agencies that need thousands of dollars each year to promote themselves in front of consumers and inform their presence.

But Amazon does not need such marketing projects due to its millions of recurring customers.

As well as amazon spends millions of budget to market their-self. Also, Amazon offers advertising within its platform. It helps to quickly reach your products in front of amazon customers’ eyes.

This brand awareness of amazon reduces the concern and the cost of marketing the seller to reach them to every customer and sells their products easily on Amazon.

The only marketing task that the amazon seller needs to do is to announce their products and their qualities to their existing customer.

Or they can create a separate website to identify their brand and products and link existing amazon store products.

Resources: Learn about creating responsive mobile friendly website yourself. or

Hire professional web designer for online store creation.

6. Due to the amazon affiliate program, a High chance for getting more sales

amazon affiliate program

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The affiliate program of amazon also creates benefits for the seller as there is a high chance to get more sales of the goods.

Amazon affiliate program is such a program where websites, blogs, and social networks can promote amazon products in their own network and benefits commission for each sale they create from their affiliated link.

It works when a buyer buys a product by clicking on the affiliated link which is posted by the affiliate user then that particular user receives some amount as a commission.

There are thousands of amazon affiliate bloggers and online marketers which results in extra benefits to amazon sellers.

To join the amazon affiliated program users need to signup for through here and complete registration and can access millions of amazon products.

You can Learn more about affiliated program and affiliated marketing here.

7. “Amazon Pay” payment gateway

When it comes to the word e-commerce, the Payment gateway may be difficult to choose for anyone. Payment gateway plays a vital role to reduce transaction costs for e-commerce store owners.

Before choosing a payment gateway there are many factors to look at such as Transaction cost, Features, Monthly cost, etc.

When customers “add to cart” the product’s last option is to complete the checkout step in order to order the product.

At that time, Payment gateway helps to accept their credit card and process payment.’

Some popular payment gateway is stripe, 2checkoutAuthorize.Net, etc.

Let’s say if you are designing a website on Shopify or other platforms you need to create a payment gateway to accept your customer’s credit cards.

This can be done by integrating the API key. This may be difficult for all store owners.

The benefit of selling the goods on amazon is you can able to accept payment through amazon pay which is very quick and easy to set up and receive payments from customers without restrictions.

8. 24 hours store open with a great server

The 24 hours availability of the amazon store to conduct the buying and selling process is also greatly advantageous for the sellers who want to sell their products easily and quickly.

Amazon is the most popular online store in the world which is available 24 hours a day in more than 150 countries.

So buyers can make the purchase anytime online without restrictions and can get responses instantly.

This facility of amazon can automatically increase the sales of the goods which is beneficial for both Amazon and the owner of the store.

9. No need to own a store for your product which will save time and money

For every business small to large, expenditure plays a great role in success. Whether it is for labor, software, electricity, equipment, etc.

Similarly, While running an e-commerce business, a Seller may require a website designer, hosting, domain, payment gateway transactional cost, etc.

Amazon accepts every type of commodity from the sellers and keeps them in their store for selling purposes.

In addition to that, it receives the order for the seller, packs and delivers the goods to the consumers, and also gives after-sales service to the consumer of purchased products.

As well as store owners do not have to worry about creating websites and purchasing domain names or hiring any web designer and agencies.

So, Amazon helps to deduct the need for opening its own store, marketing them for public awareness, hiring the staff to receive the order and deliver the products, etc.

This saves a lot of money and the time of the sellers and helps any seller from small to large groups to flourish in the competitive market.

Resources: Hire designer for e-commerce stores.

What are the Advantages of Amazon Buyers

Several online stores have been established to complete the buying and selling process online and amazon stands at the top of the online retailer which has gained trust from millions of buyers and sellers for a long time.

It has some advantages for the buyers to buy from the Amazon store instead of any other online store.

A few advantages of buying from amazon to the buyers are discussed below:

1. Payment protection and anti-spam

It is easier to make an online store for anyone and display product images simply.

While making purchases online from any store, Sometimes buyers may face problems like: frauds, spam messages and phone calls, unresponsive support and their payment is also not secure sometimes if the store is not secure or untrustable.

So online buyers should review the company, site security, and many other things before purchasing.

This may not be possible for every buyer or may not have lots of time to check every company.

To solve these issues buyers prefer to purchase products from the most popular companies such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.

Even the cost of the same product is expensive there compared to untrustable sites.

In an amazon store, Payments of the buyers are protected, and internet scams are prevented for secure payment and smooth sales.

As amazon always supports its customers and looks after their needs and provides strong security to ensure payment protection.

If there are any unusual events happening or fraud then buyers can visit amazon’s help and report there the emails, calls, or links where amazon helps to identify the fraud and protect them.

2. Able to Check Reviews of Products Before Buying

The second benefit of shopping the commodities from amazon is the buyer can review the products before purchasing.

Amazon product reviews and ratings help to understand the responsiveness, quality, and experience of other buyers.

In amazon stores, It allows the buyer to leave feedback once they purchase products from any Amazon store.

These reviews save the consumers from buying bad quality products or from terrible sellers.

And the seller will be more responsible for a buyer in order to stable their store reputation.

3. Can choose multiple products with a big deal and offers

amazon black friday sales

Amazon is the largest online store that has got almost every type of product in a bulk and also it provides sales offer on some products and big deal offers where buyers can choose multiple products with a big deal and offers to save their money.

Amazon frequently gives big deal offers on any holiday or occasion and also you can find sales offers in many products which are rarely offered by any local shops.

4. Powerful filter option to choose any product with different comparable prices

Product filters and navigation is most important to find what kind of product the buyer is looking for.

There is no doubt Amazon has great filtering and search option to find any product.

Another benefit of filters is buyers can search for the required products and choose them with different comparable prices.

The filter option filters the product on the basis of the requirements of the buyers or the price from higher to lower price of the same type of product which makes it easy to get the best product at the best price saving time and effort.

Resources: If you are planning to open own store you can check wix store features.

Amazon Customer Service Review

Discussing Amazon’s customer service, one of the reasons for amazon’s popularity is amazon customers services management, and customer satisfaction.

Amazon is always there for their customer to help and provide customer care. Customers on amazon can call or text them with their queries at any time and get a response from amazon immediately.

They give help and provide every information if any customer requires it in their shopping process.

They always look at the activities and behavior of the customers, their viewed or recently purchased product and on the basis of such information, they give suggestions of the similar kind of product that are more likely to choose by the buyers which makes it easy for the regular buyers to select the product.

For their customer’s easy shopping, Amazon has provided a one-click order service where customers do not require to enter their personal information repeatedly.

Moreover, it has also provided the right to exchange or cancel any order before its delivery.

While exchanging also try to make it less problematic and ask only one question to know whether the goods were damaged or not.

Amazon never compromises on the needs and desires of the consumers and always focuses on giving the best shopping experience by giving the best amazon customer service.

Reasons Why Amazon Customer Service is Very Powerful

1. Amazon has a friendly and corporate culture to listen to a customer inquiry

One of the reasons for amazon’s customer service to become powerful is that it has a friendly and corporate culture to listen to customer inquiry.

Amazon is always present to solve the problem of their customers and to give the answers to the customer inquiry. No matter what the query is about and how many times they are asking.

They are always friendly with the buyer, listen to their questions, and answer them anytime they need.

2. Powerful Support Forum

amazon customer support service

While shopping if the customers face any kind of problems then there is always a support forum from amazon to their consumers.

3. Contact With Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon has won the hearts of its consumers with its services and supports.

If the customer has any problem related to their account or anything then they are provided with the phone number where customers can contact them any time a day and any day a week. Phone support is real-time and one of the best support services. You can find their phone number on Amazon Customer Service Contacts page.

4. Online Amazon Help Center

amazon help center

Another reason for the powerful customer service of amazon is the online amazon help center.

To get any help from amazon customers can visit help and customer service, search and select the topic where help is required and ask their questions either in a live chat or in comments online.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number USA

You can request Amazon customer service call from here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is all Amazon delivering products from Amazon USA?

No, All the products from Amazon are not delivered from USA Amazon only, Because being a global online store Amazon operates in several other countries apart from the USA like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Canada, etc.

Q2. How to securely amazon login?

Amazon has always worked on the security of the customer and provides them with a secure amazon login.

While logging in to amazon the users need to go to the amazon site enter your password and username and it is totally upon the user’s choice and is optional whether they want to share their login information with another app or not.

Creating a strong password with symbols, characters is recommended.

They also provide two-factor authentication to secure the passwords of the users from being hacked and suggest you change the passwords after some period of time.

Q3. How to check amazon jobs?

amazon job openings

To check whether there is a vacancy open in some posts on amazon or not one can visit the site of amazon jobs where they can view and apply on the basis of their field.

Users can search and check for the right job for them on the basis of different categories of the jobs like the type of business, location of the workplace, qualities required for the specific job, etc.

If you have any questions about amazon customer service and jobs contact their page.

Q4. How to quickly connect with Amazon’s customer service in case of urgency?

There are different ways and mediums to contact and get connected with Amazon customer service.

But if it is a case of urgency then users can connect with amazon by “directly calling them on their number” and they are always available 24 hours a day. As I told you before the phone call is always real-time and quick to make communication.

The contact number of amazon customer service can be found on their official website help section.

Q5. What are the methods to contact for amazon customer service and support?

Again there are different mediums to contact Amazon support like phone calls, chat, or email.

For phone calls, it is simple that users can find their number and call them, for chat users need to go to the page which denotes Amazon Help and then click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab which redirects them towards the chat option.

And lastly, to contact Amazon Support or Amazon Help via email, Users can send mails to the Mail ID of amazon.

Contact: you can find Customer Care emails on amazon official page.

Final Thought & Conclusion

In sum, Amazon is the large and most popular online store that plays the role equally for the benefits of both the consumers and sellers as it is the platform that showcases and sells the products for the sellers and also provides the facilities for easy buying of the buyers.

Amazon is always there for their users and they aim to give them a good experience and satisfaction with them.

It is a global retailer that ships the products for its consumers all over the world except in some countries.

They are well known and preferred for their products and services for both buyers and sellers.

They accept the best products from the vendors and perform every duty of the seller in the selling process on the behalf of their sellers.

Amazon is a large company that has good contacts with different other sellers which results in the discounted price for the products.

Altogether it is the package of great shopping which has quality products, trusted services, discounts, easy shipping, fast delivery, a large selection of the goods, etc.

Also, they have powerful support management and Amazon’s customer service department which are always there to listen to their customer and give them a response.

How often you are buying product from amazon? If you are online product seller, how you are selling your products? Leave comment below I love to hear from you.

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