5 Free Best WordPress Themes in 2022

One of the well-known CMS (Content Management Software ) that assists to build a website is WordPress. I have described the best free WordPress themes in this post. T

WordPress theme is the collection of templates, colors, fonts, images, styles, etc that are used to design the outer layout of the WordPress website to make it looks professional. Anything in the WordPress site can be edited and managed as per their requirements. But you need to make sure the theme has good speed. 

They offer free and paid themes in WordPress where they have a huge collection of themes in their directory. There are a lot of WordPress themes available on the internet. I have mentioned the best WordPress themes for blogs and free responsive WordPress themes below.

Anyone can create a website in WordPress without knowing coding and technology.

Some Best Free WordPress Themes

1. Divi Theme

best WordPress themes

Divi is the famous WordPress theme available in the market.

Any type of template and layout can be generated easily with the drag and drop feature of Divi Themes.

Also, it offers ready-made templates (known as pre-made layouts) that can be utilized in the creation of different projects.

Divi provides the facility of preserving the design and pattern in the Divi library that can be reused whenever needed in the future.

Divi theme is very responsive and visible from all kinds of devices including mobile, Tablet, iPhone, and all other devices.

2. Avada

best wordpress themes

Avada is one of the popular and powerful WordPress themes of all time which is flexible and multipurpose for building websites. 

 It has hundreds of ready-made designs and layouts that can be used in the creation of websites.

Customization of the site is easy with the assistance of drag and drop builders and thousands of options for editing. 

It provides you the freedom to design perfectly without using codes. 

These days many freelancers and web agencies are using Avada themes to fulfill their client’s website needs.

3. Ultra

what are best wordpress themes

Ultra is another powerful WordPress theme that has a flexible interface.

It is generated by the Themify Builder. It makes the creation of any type of website in WordPress easy with the drag and drop tools.

You can start your new site quickly as you can import the demo for setup with a single click. The demo includes settings for various themes like widgets, menu, content, etc. It also has a library where you can save the layouts for future use.

4. Thrive

best wordpress theme for bloggers

Thrive theme is one of the ideal options for WordPress to build the page.

Anyone can create a blog for their brands with Thrive theme. It is SEO-friendly and helps you to create your pages quickly.

Thrive also offers sharing buttons for social media and with the use of this WordPress theme, you can lower the use of plugins.

It is updated regularly and gives them quick access to the other new plugins.

5. Astra

best wordpress themes

The fastest and elegant WordPress theme that is built by the professional group is the Astra theme.

Astra has been rated five stars for its service by bloggers and companies.

Using Astra themes, you can edit and organize the format of the website including header, footer, sidebar, posts, blogs, etc.

Pros and Cons of Free WordPress Blog Themes


  • Using a WordPress theme saves lots of time and budget.
  • You can independently design your WordPress blog or website without programming skills and knowledge.
  • WordPress themes are responsive and do not need to worry about visibility in all kinds of devices.


  • Using a WordPress theme build by unverified developers may cause risk.
  • Your website may look similar to many other websites because of the same theme used by hundreds of people.


1. I am not experienced in any word-press themes, How to learn to make a website. 

You can find tutorials of themes, websites on the official YouTube channel or support section of their website. Also, If you want to learn to create a responsive website. Please check my full guide.

2. I have no idea how to choose the right theme.

  • Feel free to post your comment below, So I will try to assist you.

Conclusion on Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Every website needs to look stunning.

Before choosing any WordPress themes, It depends on what kind of blog or website you are building. It should be always responsive on all devices and browser friendly.

WordPress theme really saves time and cost. There is small training needed before using any WordPress themes.

And always make sure to backup your website data. I myself use WordPress themes to build my blogs and websites. It is good ideas always but, give time to customize so as not to match another website if possible.


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