Best Apple Air Pods in 2022

Air pods of apple are the most popular which delivers a top experience to users of listening with its HD unique sound quality. Apple air pods are available in wireless design which is portable and stunning looking in structure.

Airpods of the apple company can be purchased from Amazon, and other stores or from apple’s official website.

Here, I will discuss different apple company airpod that are: AirPods and AirPods Pro. including their features.

best airpods

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Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods is one of the most popular products of worldwide and here are some features:

  • The sound of apple AirPods is more magical and unique.
  • Its wireless structure gives the most portability and simplicity to users.
  • It supports sound navigations, Which is very easy and user friendly.
  • Air pods can be charged through a wireless charging pad.
  • Good life battery support of 24 hours.
  • Quick setup with a phone for listening (Plug and play).

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple Airpod Pro is the upgraded version of previous AirPods and here are a few features:

  • Immersive sound can be filtered or canceled while listening.
  • You have the transparency to hear what is happening near you.
  • Apple Airpod Pro gives Magical sound and HD quality.
  • Active noise cancelation features.
  • Apple Airpod pro is Fast charging and good battery life.
  • Stunning and pro looks of the device.

Apple AirPods Pro VS Apple AirPods

Music is one of the popular entertainment choices for people. Apple Airpod pro and Apple Airpod both are successful products of the apple due to their design, quality, and popular brand. But both have different pricing and features are a bit different.

There are many fake apple airpod available on the market so be aware to check their logo and proper quality before buying from anywhere.

You can buy these products from a local apple authorized shop or online from Amazon or Apple stores. Which apple airpod do you love? I love to hear from you in the comment below.

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