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When I was a job holder @2012 (teaching primary students in a school) I heard a guy radio interview where he was explaining about earning money online. I just loved his interview and became inspired to earn money online. And, I started researching a lot online and found a company that was offering Forex and binary options trading. I started investing in that broker platform. It was a “Become a rich quick” scheme. That does not work for me.

I lost some hardly-earned money due to a lack of proper trading knowledge and strategy. And back again to research.

Finally, I found the word “Freelancing”. I became SHOCKED and started researching top freelancers profiles. Their profile was really amazing with full of testimonials and ratings. It gave me inspiration and the most important thing I learned was, There is no way to earn money quickly. All we need to do is hard-work. But, I was so eager to start my career as a freelancer.

Again, Started researching some freelance companies online and found “Elance” and “Odesk” which was a top freelance company based on the United States. (Now both are merged and became Upwork“).

Those days were really hard to get my first job due to a lack of experience, portfolio, testimonials, and review. I can still remember the night I wake up from(2 am to 3 am).

Days and months passed I still did not get a job. ☹️ 

But, I started being crazy and did not lose my hope. I decided to quit my job and started focusing full-time on freelancing business. Finally, I kick the school job and started building profiles, learning websites, researching the internet.

Wow, it was really crazy finally, I got a job of USD50 through Elance. ☺️ I got my feet out of the ground and there was no limit to my happiness.

My first client’s name was Steve from the USA. I focused totally on his job and delivered the final product successfully (That was a static web design work). He was very happy and gave me a 5-star rating and positive testimonials. Which really helps me to get more clients in the future.

After all, my profile got stronger and started getting more projects, learning, researching, earning certifications online, and building my experience.

Now, 5 years passed and I already completed more than 1oo website contracts from different clients all over the world.

AND STILL WORKING. If you want to learn freelancing check my full guide.

It’s time to give credit back. What does it mean?

Because, I earned lots of experience in a website by working with hundreds of clients and love to share my thoughts, different products, reviews, and web-related free resources through this blog.
If there was no blogger that time. I never had got lots of tips to start and grow my freelancing career. It’s always good to share knowledge.

I hope you love my blog and if there is something I can improve, Feel free to suggest me.

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